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September 17th, 2010

Having fun w/ & custom namespace resolvers. Yepp, it’s that much fun as it sounds. Good thing edData API impl. half-works.

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@nicolasgramlich Did you check My resource of choice for such questions…

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@gkob Wooohoooo! Congratulations! Did you see Guess that’s kids like you ;-)

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@sixtus42 Super :-) Danke für das Angebot, aber ich hab schon ein Hotel gebucht… Freu mich! Bis dann!

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@sixtus42 Kommst du zur @jsconfeu? Hab deinen RT gesehen… Wenn ja, dann sieht man sich dort :-)

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@paul_houle @bsletten @dakoller Sorry, clarification: w/ “noFa” I meant on other than on site level. fine-grained.

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@paul_houle @bsletten @dakoller Main prob w/ the current license mark-up: does it apply to the whole page, or the img? => @markbirbeck’ post

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@paul_houle @bsletten @dakoller Your mark-up could be (hopefully) easily be changed to actual , for img licenses:

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@paul_houle @bsletten @dakoller Awesome site! While you have semantic mark-up, on the pages I’ve seen it’s RDFa. See next tweet…

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@dakoller @paul_houle Thanks for the pointer. Great site! Getting closer, however, still no real , but as I said, close :-)

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