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July 13th, 2011

Finished viva voce slides for tomorrow’s thesis proposal. Tough rehearsal session w/ my tutor. Now enjoying Barcelona. Life’s good.

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@rtroncy @jesolem Impressive indeed, but misses a point: why capture screen w/ cell? Abroad you got WiFi in the hotel, but not on the way…

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vambenepe Google+ Photos and Circles work as if they were designed specifically to meet Anthony Weiner’s needs. He should have waited a bit.

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@vambenepe LOL, made my day & immediate retweet :-) Interpreting stats can be so easy…

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RT @vambenepe: @tomayac WRT to the absence of France, that’s easily explained: we’re in July. *nothing* happens in summer in France.

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RT @vambenepe: @tomayac Possible interpretation: Belgians love Google+ because Circles allow Flemish and Walloons to better ignore one a …

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Not sure how statistically significant these stats are: (e.g. user # from Belgium > France, Germany?)

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RT @cdixon: Stanford’s PwdHash should be in every browser: // Nice in theory, but domain-specific reqs, eg max length :(

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ndiakopoulos Posted new EMNLP paper “Coooooooolllllllll!!!!!!!!! Using Word Lengthening to Detect Sentiment in Microblogs”

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@manusporny Hmmm, this link resolves to a 404 error on my side.

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