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August 27th, 2014

Paper on the current state of -to- export:… [PDF] (via @brassratgirl @wikidata, CC: )

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Now a “Vodafone MobileTV Sky Bundesliga pack incl. 2GB data” customer as the per-GB price is cheaper than a regular data top-up..lm

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Error 418—I’m a

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@MonsieurAZ Reg. —Hope you’re having a good time. Very sorry for not being able to attend the summer school :( Cheers fromm

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ReaderMeter crowd: check out @wpstubs, forks, ideas and pull requests welcome… cc @theopolisme

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I got 2 free (as in beer) tickets worth 440€ for , 9–10 Oct, Hamburg, DM me if and why you want one.

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nichtich Slides, paper & background of current talk about WikiBrain Wikipedia computation service at @WikiResearch

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@halfak It’s also a common airport travel hack :-) Bonus points for also bringing a global travel adapter.

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@questionquest1 I guess some of the issues you mention are addressed in @ndiakopoulos’ article…. Verification is hard.

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Nice video demos including creative <track> usage & spatial Media Fragments URI:… (CC: @rtroncy)

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Attending (Berlin) for the next 3 days (presenting on Thu). Get the proceedings here…

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@questionquest1 Well, the system uses global Wikipedia edits as news signal. Check [PDF] for the details. Cheers, Tom

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