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December 12th, 2016

@juristr I guess the actual focus of the post was the introduction of the Windows Traffic Shaper tool:…

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justmarkup Get a custom endpoint for web push to use with IFTT or other services to receive notification in browser

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Testing with realistic network conditions is essential for your Web app’s success. This post lists some options:…

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“Browsix: Bringing UNIX to the Browser”—…a [PDF]…3. (via@igrigorikk).

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Finally watching and reading up on the @Snowden interview with @katiecouric:…. The page has a decent tl;dw write-up.

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MacStories have removed @AMPhtml support from their site as “[it] is already fast” and “no one messes with [their] permalinks”. //@cramforce…

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@xo4n Congrats on the .pl launch, looking forward to seeing HTTPS (& HTTP/2) go live on all TLDs (and your blog post with the learnings 😉).

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mathias Prefer <script defer> over <script async>, says @Souders:…

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@zuphilip @Lambo @adam42smith Pro-tip: make this sheet easier to maintain by leveraging my plug-in… ➡️WIKIPAGEVIEWS()

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addyosmani @cramforce @stoyanstefanov Just for funsies, here’s the median load time of the top 10 global mobile sites over 3G on a Moto G (WPT):

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aemkei Slides of my “3L3M3NT5” talk at @HolyJSconf are up:…

Skip to #162 if you wanna know, how //VOID was done.…

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Made a @doodletweet bookmarklet for our ⚽️ team that uses the Doodle Wizard API to semi-automatically create…

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