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March 29th, 2018

“Update: A previous version of this post stated the Service Worker API is available in all applications using WKWeb…

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The four screenshots show 🕵️‍♂️ PWA Feature Detector ( running in:
⒠ Safari ✅
⒡ SFSafariVi…

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Just updated to iOS 11.3 final, Build 15E216. Happy to report that Service Workers are supported in…
✅ Safari
✅ SFS…

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@JoubranJad Fair enough :-) For CSP, maybe there’s a way to integrate with

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@JoubranJad There’re many sources for RUM data. I envision WebDash could become an open target for tracking them.…

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RT @sw12: Progressive Web Apps for WebRTC — from @appear_in’s @kartoffelmos:

‘devices are thermally throttled and…

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RT @brad_frost: Software projects, please stop with language like “just run `npm install …”

What does `run` mean? Where?
What’s npm?

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@JoubranJad Is it somehow possible to integrate Real User Monitoring (RUM) data? Also Content Security Policy (CSP…

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