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April 16th, 2018

RT @torch2424: So I updated the README to wasmBoy, a Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator made with Preact and #webassembly using AssemblyScript…

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RT @domfarolino: Join the conversation about the Priority Hints API that I’m working on in @ChromiumDev and many th…

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@adamzr Indirectly, if on your share target page you download and then process the image specified in the {url} parameter.

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@tom_says_things The ‘F’ in “TGIF” stands for `>$ git push -f`.

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@Paul_Kinlan @_zouhir @dalmaer @jaffathecake @preactjs There’s a related bug where the screenshot-based icon occasi…

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@_zouhir @dalmaer @Paul_Kinlan @jaffathecake @preactjs On a more serious note, the manifest icon being ignored is t…

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@_zouhir @dalmaer @Paul_Kinlan @jaffathecake @preactjs 😂 Very well played, Sir!

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RT @perf_tooling: The very informative talk “How’s the user experience on the web really” by @igrigorik is now listed on Perf Tooling. 🎉


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@kennethrohde Yeah. It just apparently isn’t working properly. I have let @tom_says_things know already.

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You can now share _to_ Progressive Web Apps via the Web Share Target API; an extract from Twitter’s manifest (…

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RT @malchata: 🎉 Version of my lazy loader is now released! New features:

- Lazy load elements added to the DOM after initial render (yay,…

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@tom_says_things @trivago Ouch, 100% 1-⭐️ ratings, everyone complaining it’s not loading and that the screen stays…

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