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December 11th, 2018

Souders On the @SpeedCurve blog: JavaScript growth and third parties. The size of 3rd party JS since 2011 has octupled!…2y

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aleyda PWAs SEO: Developing Optimized PWAs and How to Validate them - My latest post 📲 💥🙌…

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DebugBear Wrote a blog post about the performance impact of Chrome extensions…

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devongovett Really excited about the work we are doing on code splitting in Parcel 2! ✂️

Here is an example of a bundle with…0v

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Badging for app icons by ⁦@petele⁩:…. We’re specifically looking for API and use cases feedback.

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@boleroo @ChromiumDev Thanks for the feedback. I’m not a native speaker of English, but doing my best and hoping…ob

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@AngularChicago @ChromiumDev
> Great example app thanks!
Thanks for the nice feedback!

Re: 1) What we can say…SO

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@samthor Yes, you fixed it. They’re not flags anymore on iOS. 👍

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Measuring Wikipedia page load times: “When working on a service used by millions, we focus on the 99th percentile…xv

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cramforce Intent to ship for stale-white-revalidate in Chrome! This has been specified in HTTP for ages, but no browser…C0

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DasSurma 10 bucks says this string constant was defined by either a JavaDeveloper or a German.


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ChromeDevTools A handy tip from “The Art of Debugging with Chrome DevTools” by @PrashantPalikhe:

Log objects instead of…fO

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