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July 20th, 2020

@cshjb007 No, but this will eventually be solved by WebCodecs:

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@cshjb007 This is true. For additional background, also see

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How to get people to actually use (Corona) contact tracing apps: Interesting article that deals with “cold start” social networking issues in general.

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@cshjb007 You can look at presentedFrames to see if there were missed any.

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about—A test suite to check if the Google Safe Browsing used by many other browser vendors apart from Google is working properly.

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@cshjb007 Assuming a constant 20fps video, when the media time is 2.000s, then the currently showing frame would be 2.000s * 20fps = 40. This is all the available metadata:

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@othermaciej @bradeeoh @mb2100 On this, I guess, we all agree! 😃

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@othermaciej @bradeeoh @mb2100 It wasn’t discouraging filing dupes, that’s my actual point. Which wouldn’t be an issue if the deduping were more aggressive.

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