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August 8th, 2020

@polarsoviet There’s a solution to this problem:

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@fvsch Not sure how you read that into the post. The example is that you might be interested in the SVG source code in some cases, and in the actual image in others.

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RT @justinschuh: @noopkat @KevanMander It’s a Google developed extension, and very minimally permissioned (just activeTab and clipboardWrit…

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@intenttoship Very excited about this. Here’s why:

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@Paul_Kinlan @justinschuh @noopkat @KevanMander (Biased) Apart from minimum permissions, having a non-persistent background page, and only injecting the content script “as needed”, the extension is open-source: Most bookmarkle

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swyx Wonderful 10min talk from @samthor on building Applike UX on the web:

- Native Undo/Redo that works on mobile
- Customizing Select All
- Controlling app overflow like @excalidraw and Gmail
- Using native Drag & Drop

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