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November 2nd, 2020

@cwilso @briankardell Life hack: get a selfie stick 🤳 and remap “volume up” to “right arrow” key. You’re welcome!

I’m only half kidding. I have a tiny Bluetooth remote shutter that I use to advance slides based on the key remapping.

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This minimap @ChromeDevTools experimental feature could make my CSS flexbox alignment guessing so much less guessy. Love it! ⤵️…

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@AndyDavies @tomtaylor @TheRealNooshu Just like in the original tweet I’d be curious to hear Chrome (macOS) numbers if you wouldn’t mind sharing them. Thanks.

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@TheRealNooshu What percentage is Chrome (macOS), please?

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FlowBrowser Rendering @keithclarkcouk’s CSS powered 3D environment in Flow.…

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@slightlylate @microblocksfun Seems like no one at @microblocksfun picked this up so far. Opened…; maybe someone can have a look there.

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@briankardell Search for “has:attachment larger:10MB” for quickly pruning some space.

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