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November 10th, 2020

HTTPArchive πŸŽ‰ Chapter 3: Markup

Written by @j9t @catalinred and @iandevlin
Reviewed by @zcorpan @mmatuzo and @briankardell
Analyzed by @TonyMcCreath

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If you’re interested in Project Fugu 🐑, be sure to read @christianliebel’s (πŸ‘) chapter (in early access) of this year’s HTTP Archive. ‡️
A lot of work went into it, and I’m super proud of the progress we’ve collectively achieved.…

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@andreban @b1tr0t @stefanvermaas @jaffathecake Manifest might be too inflexible. An attribute can be set dynamically per link and you even can let (power) users decide (open links: in app / in browser). I have seen such a setting in various Twitter or Mas

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