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November 18th, 2020

@chrmod I see. Since both are apparently based on Firefox, I was wondering. Thanks for clarifying!

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@mathias @rowan_m Another playlist contribution: Wünsch dir was! 🤘 Sit through the first minute, it gets 90ies punk after that!

✅ Here’s hoping!
✅ Make a wish!

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@chrmod Congratulations! 🎈

Quick question: What is the core differentiator between this new Ghostery Browser and the previous Cliqz Browser (…)?

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ChromeDevTools Chrome 87 is here! 🎉

Try inspect CSS Grid with our new debugging tools! 📐

On top of that, with just 1 click, DevTools now detect all color contrast issues of your page (experimental).

Excited? Update your Chrome today!

Full list of what’s new 👉🏼…

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@rowan_m I waited all day to let you know that _now_ is the time to warm up the Glühwein. 🔥🍷 Hope you’re having a great time!

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@rowan_m Oh, wow! Congratulations, Rowan 🎂! My playlist contribution is….
✅ _Un_ambiguously depressing, especially in 2020.
✅ You will think of me for the rest of the day.

You now may wear the “Lieber 40 und würzig, als 2

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DasSurma Today I champion’d my first JavaScript proposal at TC39 and it’s now stage 1! 🎉

“JS Module Blocks” aka. “Surma *really* wants you to use workers”…

(Thanks @gesa, @littledan and @_shu for all the help!)

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@elrond25 You can see crashes at chrome://crashes/. I just tried the demo on Chrome 89 and it worked fine. If you continue to see this behavior, please file a bug at and add as much information as possible,

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jordaust Thank you to the busy folks working on project Fugu 🐡 APIs. Look at this progress! Thank you 🙌:…

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@JonasKuske I just tweeted an article that answers this and other questions people may have:….

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All the details about Chrome’s back/forward cache implementation are covered in ⁦@philwalton⁩’s excellent article:

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Tab throttling and more performance improvements like the back-forward cache in Chrome M87.…

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@AgentZeroNine @dannymoerkerke I tend to have content attribute reflection as part of my custom element (example:…). More background:….

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