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November 20th, 2020

@agektmr Isn’t it an affiliate link? Does it have &tag= in the URL?

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@FilipStanis @alexcwilliams @AMPhtml Could data URLs work, so no external request needs to be made? Not that it would be beautiful…

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✍️ There’s a proposal for a Handwriting Recognition API that takes temporal ink stroke information into account (differentiating it from Optical Character Recognition):…. Here’s Chrome’s Intent to Prototype:…

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@alexcwilliams I don’t know the answer, but maybe @AMPhtml can help. @FilipStanis used to be on the team, so maybe he can help, too, or point you to someone else who can.

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RickByers BlinkOn, the chromium web platform contributors conference, just wrapped up. All the videos are, amazingly, already posted here:….

Thank you organizers, presenters and everyone who engaged in the conversation!

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HTTPArchive 🎂 To help us celebrate HTTP Archive’s 10th anniversary, we reconnected with @Souders to talk about the project’s inception and growth. Lots of fun stories and history!

Listen to this anniversary special on the State of the Web podcast:… 🆕🎙️

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n8Schloss Chrome 87 includes the full release of isInputPending. It’s FB’s first time taking an API from incubation to standards proposal to shipping.

It’s already used on >1% of page loads! (…)

@acomminos and I blogged about the API at

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