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November 26th, 2020

@stefanjudis Maybe try porting it to `shx`: I learned about it through @RReverser and I use it in all my projects now.

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rowan_m I had to figure out how this worked, so
👉 👈
You can switch direction, pause, change speed, toggle smooth motion, and overlay a grid.
I was staring at this for too long and got motion sickness. My own code literally made me sick 🤢💚 so please enjoy!…

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Pro gaming just got a little better on the Web: disable mouse acceleration to provide a better FPS gaming experience, by François Beaufort:…. 🖱

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nic_o_martin Only a couple of days until .
Make sure to subscribe via email, or just add it to your :

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@benschwarz I built so many websites back then, but as a kid didn’t have the money (nor the knowledge) to put them online. None of them survived. It was my localhost Geocity.

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🤩 FrontPage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, by ⁦@InvisibleUp⁩. Super nostalgic walk down memory lane on the traces of a Windows app that helped people create webpages. I “learned” the basics of HTML by editing in it and then looking at its

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