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November 9th, 2021

pwabuilder Looking for ways to make your PWA look more like a native app on Windows? Ever wish you could customize the default PWA title-bar? Check out this tutorial from @patrickbrosset that shows how to do this with the experimental Window Controls Overlay API!

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@mhartington 🙋‍♂️ Yepp, somewhat similar. Opened to track this.

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I’m super happy that Project Fugu 🐡 enables workflows like this: the VS Code PWA hosting the TLdraw PWA as an extension, and both can access local files through the #FileSystemAccess API. See the quoted tweet and the tweet it is a reply to for detail

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RT @rikschennink: 🧪 Use CSS numeric factory functions instead of string concatenation to set style unit values. ht…

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@OlivierJacquot3 @GoogleTrends Thanks for the kind words and reading this post in the first place. 😃

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@FWeinb Wait. What? 🤯 This depends on a helper app that does the Bluetooth communication and opens a local server that the extension talks with, right? Or how did you do it?

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@slightlylate It’s called airplane redundancy. There is nothing in an airliner that is necessary to flight which is not at least triple redundant. In case the built-in hardware implementation fails, the software implementation can take over. Solid engin

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RT @hochsays: W3C Audio WG wants to hear your voices about the future of Web Audio API!

The survey:

cc/ @padenot…

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@Paul_Kinlan @jeffposnick 😮 Never gets old. Time for our next team offsite planning to start.

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