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June 14th, 2022

RT @devfest_ukraine: Our speaker @tomayac started his talk with sharing how people in Hamburg support Ukraine 🇺🇦
Thank you Thomas and thank…

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Will go live in a bit to speak at @devfest_ukraine and talk about Project Fugu 🐡 APIs. Join now to see a ton of amazing speakers (and

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@torgo All the best for the next step and thanks for all the work you have dedicated to the Web while at Samsung. 🎈

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robknight_ I’ve been working on fast and lightweight browser OCR. is a new WebAssembly build of the Tesseract OCR engine. It uses WebAssembly SIMD in Chrome and Firefox for a ~2x performance boost. There is no multi-threading yet, but that would also help.

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RT @devfest_ukraine: DevFest for Ukraine starts just in 7 hours 🚀

Today and tomorrow learn from the speakers that shape the future of Web…

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@mathias I don’t find the repo, else I’d have made a PR:

s/Uh-oh! It looks like your browser doesn’t yet support the Native File System API./Uh-oh! It looks like your browser doesn’t yet support the File System Access API./

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Off-by-one error or bad pointer? 😂 What a lovely anecdote.
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@kennethrohde @rem Correct, the justification being that developers already can play an invisible video on the page, which results in a (media) wake lock. The Screen Wake Lock API is just the proper way to obtain the same behavior. 🚫💤

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Insertable streams ( and WebCodecs ( for the win! 💏 Neat Web app that simulates the blurring of portrait video that you often see on (widescreen landscape) TV when they feature user-generated content in t

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@mathias @jensimmons +1, RegExp forms the basis of so many things, so having full support universally would be fantastic!

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@meyerweb @webhackfest Just standing on the shoulders of the potrace giant compiled to Wasm and exposing it with a (hopefully) decent GUI. Thanks for the kind words, though. 😊

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@briankardell 😊 Happy someone noticed. There indeed goes (by force) a lot of thinking into the PE story with almost all Project Fugu 🐡 APIs.

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@jensimmons A more integrated way to debug service workers. Right now it’s yet another window, and you can’t inspect the cache easily. Look@FirefoxDevToolsools@ChromeDevToolsools and their Application tabs for good examples.

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@jensimmons The picker methods of the File System Access API would be neat for any kind of apps that need to deal with files for input and/or output. Excalidraw, SVGcode, Boxy SVG, tldraw,… See for many more.

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One decade waiting for Web APIs, by ⁦@rem⁩. In this post, Remy describes how finally the Web platform allows him to keep the screen awake with screen wake lock ( and force the screen in the right orientation in full screen. htt

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@rem Really good (albeit sad) use case for wake lock. If you want file system access support, check the browser-fs-access lib:, which falls back to `<input type=file />`. By the way, I’ve PR’ed wake lock support directly into N

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RT @anniesullie: I gave a talk on Friday at @webdirections Lazy Load conference on the new Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric, which me…

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Intent to Ship: Writable directory prompts for the File System Access API. We’re improving the user experience of the File System Access API. 🎉

const writableDirHandle =
await showDirectoryPicker({
mode: ‘readwrite’,

Project Fug

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jaffathecake I wanted to quickly check how many colours were in an image, and it turned out easier than I thought:

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The folks from @telegram seem to embrace the CMA report: The irony of reading this post with a double native app banner on the top (see screenshot) isn’t lost on me.

Their list of missin@webkitit features is

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meyerweb Watching @tomayac put my old px2svg script to absolute shame with in his @webhackfest talk.

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briankardell @tomayac presenting and talking about a common problem/frustration with SVG tools and showing this app that he built to solve a common problem more easily… full power of a command line tool but with a web GUI as a PWA

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