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umaar Dev Tips: DevTools: Render Performance Tips ⚡ -… Understand your FPS score and potential…UV

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poshaughnessy Payment Handler API gets first public draft. Web apps can handle Payment Requests via a service…lP

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@pistenprinz @rFleshgrinder Prediction: most time is gonna be spent on agreeing whether it should be called uu_id() or uuid()… ng

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justinobeirne New Essay: “A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps”…

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DasSurma When things end up being simpler than anticipated:

CustomElements + async/await to show a spinner when loading…uS

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There is now an extension for Facebook’s Instant Articles SDK that auto-converts articles to @AMPhtml:…. Interesting…

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igrigorik thinking of adding push notifications, or requesting permissions? Read these best…du

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brad_frost What is the Future of Front End Web Development? @chriscoyier has some great thoughts:…

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Thanks for the feedback, @piecioshka! Your post is a great 🇵🇱 read! Maybe add an “activate” handler for cache…M7

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emilbayes Amazing audience at @code_europe, and great questions! My slides are here:…

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.@code_europe, go to Cupertino (4:15pm) & learn about our demo tool PWAssemble:… ⚙️…QW

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Great slide deck by @stefanjudis on the various new Observer APIs in modern browsers.…

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Interested in what sites already use Service Workers? Install the 👷Service Worker Detector extension:…

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Facebook’s Prepack lib (—mentioned in Jakub Sowiński’se talk—is worth keeping…s37E

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LeaVerou CSS-in-JS is a cry for help. We at @csswg should pay attention to this and address the issues before it gets worse.…

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The @CommitStrip’s take on dealing with callback hell in JavaScript:…. 😂

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Johnson & Johnson are moving to @AMPhtml, I had the pleasure of working w/ them; thanks for ping, @sandysakharkar—…Meg

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Small world indeed-@NOtherDevv & I bump together ate, are hit by the same bug in@samsunginternett &…cra

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@poshaughnessy @NOtherDev @samsunginternet …But only
console.log(new URLSearchParams(‘id=1’).get(‘id’));
🐛 Bug:…nEWT

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@poshaughnessy @NOtherDev @samsunginternet Found it:
console.log(new URLSearchParams(‘?id=1’).get(‘id’));…h0

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