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“Thinking Through Styling Options for Web Components”:….
Fully agree with ⁦@chriscoyier⁩ here, CSS modules is the future:…. 🎨

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@searchliaison I’m the publisher of my blog and a Person, but to make the Structured Data Testing Tool happy I have to lie and say I’m an Org.:…. Is this working as intended?
Also my favicon isn’t…

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andrestaltz This font for code is cool, but its website is definitely amazing:

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@kennethrohde @marypcbuk @SeaRyanC @migueldeicaza We’re indeed working on standardizing all these capabilities, as outlined here:…. Your feedback on them is greatly welcomed.

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zachklein My 5yo asked, “How big is a wolf?”

So I Google it… Google’s first result is the option (in browser!) to place a realistic wolf in the room with us so we can walk around it and see for ourselves.

Magical. The closest I have felt to a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

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Earlier today, I read about @Vjeux’ s Excalidraw ✏️ (…) and thought it was a natural candidate for the Native File System API, so I opened a PR (…) and added it. Play with it on the preview deploy: …

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@puekey I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. My heuristic is: Does it follow the regular laws of physics and does it not feel overwhelming to me as a (mostly) insensitive-to-motion individual? If so, then probably it’s fine. But your users may

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Mozilla lays off 70 as it waits for new products to generate revenue. 😢…

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@mayeedwin1 It took me 10 years to join the team, mostly because I wasn’t (and still am not) based out of one of our engineering hub offices. You’re doing an amazing job at @pwafire! 🤗

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@puekey I respectfully disagree regarding `scroll-behavior`. If you set it to `smooth`, you actually make the movement feel more natural (…). It’s unnatural motion (e.g., parallax scrolling) that potentially causes issues.

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@puekey @elijahmanor Actually the updated article is here:…. I should have added a redirect to the old article.

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elijahmanor Used Web Animations API for the first time in production

Browser support is great…

You can tap into OS “Prefers Reduced Motion” setting via JS to enable or disable

window.matchMedia(‘(prefers-reduced-motion: reduce)’)… 👏 @tomayac

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thejohnjansen And we are live, people.

I’m freaking out a little bit, but also super proud and excited about this.

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sundarpichai The Advanced Protection Program is our strongest level of security for Google Accounts. Today, we’re simplifying the enrollment process for everyone, and enabling iPhones in addition to Android phones to be used as security keys.…

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What can the Chrome Web DevRel team (my team 🎉) do better or differently to make Web developers like you happier, and thereby ultimately help the Web as a platform to succeed? If you care, help us find answers. Thanks! ⤵️…

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WhatWebCanDo What Web Can Do Today proudly presents itself anew with the fresh look and new Articles section. More coming soon!

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Two exciting PWA feature explorations by our friends over at @MSEdgeDev:
👉 Custom dialog on close:….
👉 Allow installed PWA to run on operating system login:….

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polymer 📖👀 Edge is starting a new chapter tomorrow! 🎉

📝 @straversi1 shows you how you can take advantage of its new WCs APIs to author a story component with excellent DevX using LitElement…

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@reillyeon 🚌 Bus lanes to the rescue, established 1963 in Hamburg:

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