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Cache Digests let HTTP/2 servers know what the client has already in its cache (…). The…7K

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jaffathecake Due to complexity, missing features, and browser bugs, I don’t think I’d recommend HTTP/2-push to anyone unless…On

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brucel Uncle Tim and the Queen threatened me with a punch in the face & a karate chop, so I agreed to co-edit the W3C…pg

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addyosmani New blog post: “The Cost Of JavaScript”… Loading JS fast = only send what you need + less…Gn

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My former colleague Garan has implemented tic-tac-toe in @AMPhtml:…. Hat tip to the “because we can” department.

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Oh no, @RubenVerborgh taught me to spot bad keming (, and now @DasSurma is teaching me to…Rf

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Hooray, standards: “Enabled Payment Request by default”. Great job, @webkit! Wonder what this might mean for…kn

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Streaming HTML for progressive rendering is a concept that’s highly underused. An alternative might be…O9

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lambdaman Inspiring read “Querying DBpedia with GraphQL” by @szymonklarman… # linkedddata

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Great overview of different SVG-based image placeholder techniques to improve the perceived load time of websites…kM

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SoerenE67 Right-To-Left Development In Mobile Design… via @smashingmag

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aemkei A fascinating read by @subzey about advanced SVG compression:…

DRY is not always the…cB

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This “person in tech” workshop by @trivago_tech sounds super interesting. Isany of the material (docs, code)…HI

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Showing the @Google folks in 🇨🇭 Zurich how @Zalando are testing ⚡️ @AMPhtml on product detail pages,…iS

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housecor Tip: With async/await, you can run multiple async operations in parallel. How? Put the await statements on the…wv

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ChromiumDev The Layers panel in DevTools helps you analyze how an animation was done. More in this ⚡️Supercharged Microtip…Wy

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sarah_edo Neat! js2flowchart- convert any JS code into an SVG flowchart! via @JavascriptWeekl…

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@wolframkriesing I’d rephrase: @AMPhtml leverages Web Components to enable everyone to declaratively markup complex(-ish) fast HTML widgets.

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justmarkup If you publish something, it is always a great idea to check the text with to catch…cL

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ChromiumDev Learn how to send resources to client with performance in mind 🚗💨 “link rel pre pre pre” is the magic keyword 😉…

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document.addEventListener(‘contextmenu’, event => event.preventDefault());…

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Persistently (locally) override the source of any website, great for quickly testing performance improvement…lE

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felipehoffa More than 1,000 websites are mining cryptocurrency in their homepage with your browser!!…c3

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matthewcp Introducing flora! A streaming template library for Node.js using standard JavaScript template literals:…

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