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@HenrikJoreteg @denladeside @reillyeon @petele Happy that this works for you! And thanks for the super compelling use case of the API!


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@razvancaliman @ChromiumDev It’s a warning I would put out for anything that is from an unidentified developer, it’s not specific to mini apps IDEs. Also: I have done the research so you don’t have to. But if you want to, the article tells you how.

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ChromiumDev 📢 @tomayac 为你带来了一系列的小程序研究:带大家深入了解这些利用网页科技开发,但并不在浏览器运行的程序。

👉 👈

🌏 小程序介绍
🛠 小程序的开发者体验
🌐 小程序的生态环境
🎓 对小程序的感想…

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😊 Proud of my new series! An exploration into Mini Apps: apps built with Web technologies, but that don’t run in browsers.

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🌏 World of Mini Apps.
🛠 DX of Mini Apps.
🌐 Wider Mini Apps ecosystem.

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@satnamsvirdi @Una @jaffathecake @DasSurma @svgeesus @argyleink @_developit @LeaVerou @chriscoyier You can download pages or save them for offline use if you use Chrome (similar options exist for other browsers):….

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@denladeside @HenrikJoreteg @petele @reillyeon By the way, it sounds like your origin trial token is hardcoded and not easy to change for a new one. Dynamically inserted by JavaScript tokens work. So you could have your app installation phone home to obta

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@denladeside @HenrikJoreteg @petele @reillyeon In the worst case, if your customer can’t update to a more recent Chrome version after the end of the origin trial, they’d have to flip the experimental web platform features browser flag on 88.

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@denladeside @HenrikJoreteg @petele It’s included in 89, which is beta:…. I’m almost certain the API won’t be activated retrospectively on older versions now, but let’s ask @reillyeon.

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@jpp123 @donavon I agree. We start with icons, up next would then probably be manifest.

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@Miel_vds @signalapp Life changer! Thanks for letting me know. When I last checked, a lot of people were asking for it, but the setting didn’t exist.

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@t_var_s @smashingmag Not sure about this. I can’t reproduce on my machine, the favicon only gets fetched once, even when I start, pause and restart. If you can, please file a It may well be on purpose, since there’s a playing

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@colinbendell @yoavweiss This particular case is about `rel=”icon”`; support for other link relations varies. It works for “stylesheet” and I think for “preload” (@yoavweiss, correct me if I’m wrong). It currently doesn’t work for “manifest”.

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ChromiumDev Talking about icons, what if the browser just created PNG icons (required by Android) for PWA installation on-the-fly, based on just one developer-specified SVG icon? @tomayac has filed a feature request, star ⭐️ the bug if you like this. ⤵️…

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Browsers like Chrome now support SVG icons (, but for installation, notably on Android, you still need rasterized icon formats like PNG 😐. I just filed… for the browser to create these PNGs for you. One…

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@VorticonCmdr Google Analytics ≠ Google Chrome

On Chrome, bug stars are a signal we take into account:….

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@MattWilcox @ChromiumDev I wrote about this in the past (…). Unfortunately some platforms like Android still require PNG for home screen icons, and while the browser should be able to create them on the fly, currently this isn’t im

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@DJDavid98 @ChromiumDev We have heard the same argument for honoring `prefers-color-scheme` in the general case. Personally, I still think there could be a separate setting in the browser, so people could decouple it from their system setting. Here’s a

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@ChristopherBlum So was I, until I realized it doesn’t. 🙃

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