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@schweinepriestr It’s in the slides and in the session description. 😃

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@autiomaa Yeah, I know, I know. I just fixed the tech stack, design is up next :-)

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@mathias @cjamcl @hooraybuffer Oh, my Twitter client doesn’t support polls and I didn’t even see it, but voted on the official client now. ✅

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@autiomaa Please note: my notes only represent a tiny slice of the web platforms. ☺️

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Project Fugu 🐡 at @w3c TPAC, my personal recap:


“The web is threatened from multiple angles, and being able to work in the standards bodies on defending it is a privilege of the few. Both shouldn’t be the case.”


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Variable Fonts Link Dump, by @css:…. I never can remember Wakamai Fondue, despite (or maybe due to its) genius name. Good to have these links in one place.

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🆕 Chrome 78 Beta: a new Houdini API and two exciting origin trials: native file system access and SMS retriever API. This is a fabulous @googlechrome release from a Project Fugu 🐡 viewpoint.…

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Smarter custom CSS properties with Houdini’s new API, by ⁦@Snugug⁩. This is exciting news for the web.…

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@thejohnjansen Been there. Done that. In Shanghai. Behind the great firewall. 🤦‍♂️

(To be fair, it was my fault, I had a new laptop and was missing one step that I thought was part of the out-of-the-Google-box experience.)

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@Birowsky @ChromiumDev The document is still in internal review, sorry

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Google Search (finally) supports in-video search using so-called Clips ( that are based on Media Fragments URI:…… (for select partners). 🎞 ✂️

(CC: @troncy, @dvdeurse, and other

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@firt You’re welcome, this is the tweet you want to credit:…

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@ericlaw Oh, interesting. Is there any written documentation on this new behavior?

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kennethrohde Great summary from @AaronGustafson on discussions related to Web App Manifest at TPAC:…

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@rowan_m @stefanjudis Classic. We’ve all been there.

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iOS 13 PWA news by @firt ⤵️.
Oh, WKWebView/SFSafariViewController apparently not supporting dark mode is simply due to the fact that the hosting apps in question weren’t compiled for the iOS 13 SDK. We have internal builds against the new SDK of…

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Query without a credit card: introducing BigQuery sandbox… by @felipehoffa. The sandbox tier could be your free entry ticket to the @HTTPArchive.

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@vrandezo This is fantastic news both for @wikidata/@WikiResearch as well as @GoogleAI. Congratulations on making this happen! 🥂

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viticci I’ve been working on this for 3 months, pouring hundreds of hours into it. And here it is:

My iOS and iPadOS 13 review:…

I covered everything: iOS 13, iPadOS, Shortcuts, and iOS 13.1.


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TimoTijhof This week we finished a year-long effort that’s saving @Wikipedia readers over 4.3 Terabytes of data bandwidth every day!

Thanks @AmirSarabadanii, @catrope, and many others.

For the technical how and why 👉

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