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@denladeside @kennethrohde If it’s reproducible, please file a, per the usual. Thanks in advance! You can paste the link here, so I can help with the triaging.

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somebitsLinks European power grid: Nice interactive story explaining power exports and the energy crisis in Europe…
- energy politics electricity grid visualization via:benfry

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@GeeKay78 @ChromiumDev Haven’t heard anything, but feel free to file a bug report at

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ChromiumDev Do you want to learn more about Project Fugu 🐡? Then you might be interested in the latest episode of the JS Party 🪩 podcast featuring @tomayac 🎧. Happy listening ⤵️!…

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@aakansha1216 @FOSSUnitedBLR Submitted a talk. I’ll be in Bengaluru from December 16–22 and hope to see you while I’m there :-)

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@jamesqquick @juristr Thanks for creating this video. Added to my collection:…. This will go live on… at the next deploy…

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JSPartyFM 🎧 New episode of JS Party 🎧

🗣 Project Fugu 🐡
😎 featuring @tomayac
🎙 with @nomadtechie & @nicknisi


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jaffathecake All the @ffconf talks were great, but if you only watch one, @heydonworks’s talk on capitalism, NFTs, and the web, is brilliant…

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Now on stage at @webdirections to talk about “Building Amazing Apps with Project Fugu 🐡 APIs”. If you’re not at , just follow along (or catch up) from the comfort of your sofa 🛋️ at home:…. 🦘 The app

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heyawhite Hey @webdirections, here are are some tools and templates to help you write better documentation!

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@DenisTRUFFAUT @petele @jensimmons @slightlylate I used almost this example in a blog post (titlecase in my case) to illustrate how developers can get involved in the standards process:….

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@bgalbs @webdirections @dalmaer Thanks for the kind words! Your presentation came up when I did research on the state of the web platform. It was really fun to come back to your view after all these years. (Also: Here’s to putting more fun personal photos

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liron Interesting read:

@timbray’s insider account of how Amazon AWS tried to meet the demand for blockchain technology despite not understanding any use cases.…

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marvinhagemeist Here is the blog post:

Speeding up JS ecosystem - one library at a time🚀……

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ChromiumDev Many members of the Chrome team will be speaking at @webdirections Summit.

📢 Penny McLachlan on the future of apps
📢 @bramus on CSS architecture
📢 @heyawhite on documentation
📢 @tomayac on Project Fugu APIs
📢 @rachelandrew on new CSS features

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If you’re into video podcasts, @troutgirl and @jlengstorf are discussing Project Fugu 🐡 and the API Showcase in their latest episode:… (deep link to the right spot).

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@Moose2Model @ChromiumDev Nice work and great API integration. Feel free to submit the app to the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase:….

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@linkedktk The way I understand Aral’s post, it’s more a scalability problem intrinsic to how the protocol works. A snowball system of sorts. Some of it can be dealt with by improving the implementation, sure, but it has limits. I may be entirely wrong, I

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@jasonmcneill I’m a huge believer in RSS, but I don’t think it’s the right solution for something like Mastodon/Twitter, where the realtime aspect plays a huge role.

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KittyGiraudel My favorite piece of code on GitHub belongs to the WebKit engine. It’s a function that tries real hard to figure out whether something should be exposed as a table to the accessibility tree.

It’s 140 lines, so here’s a short thread on what it does. 🔥…

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Is the fediverse about to get Fryed? (Or, “Why every toot is also a potential denial of service attack”). Very interesting analysis by Aral Balkan on the scaling challenge of Mastodon.…

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