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October 2012

@peputo Thanks for sharing. A nice engineering exercise, but no overly surprising results.

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Towards Indexing Representative Images on the Web, an entity image graph aka by @MSFTResearch: (via @rtroncy)

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RWW The new version of Google’s Search app for iOS (or as we call it, the Star Trek Communicator) is now in the App Store.

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@nicolastorzec @rtroncy Is this related to Trinity?… Also interested in hearing more details. Thanks!

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Formerly commercial :BaseKB Pro now avail. for free (CC-BY/3.0): is (@fbase) in .

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Team @MMLab_UGent, @EURECOM & Extracting Media Items from Social Networks:, @rtroncy at

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denormalize scraping and parsing HTML with @nodejs, a tutorial…

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is about DOM subtree boundaries as well as “cracking” atomic elems for, e.g. styling <video>!? Right?

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@mrowebot I had it installed for some weeks! The source code of the extension is fascinating: elaborate heuristics to detect titles/headers.

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How did I cope w/o @deisinger’s strip trailing whitespace bundle? This changes everything. Again.

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Update by @paul_houle on , an version of that […] can be queried…SQ (vi@nicolastorzecec)

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Do more w/ the Developer Tools: Includes support for source maps (behind a flag, but yay!).

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@mrowebot I use the Jimmy Wales Chrome extension for this:

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I have a Wikipedia-related project in the making that runs on a virtual machine called jimmywales.i. It doesn’t get any more meta than this…

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iandevlin Introducing HTML 5.1…

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nicolastorzec Google’s Knowledge Graph now explains connections between your query and Items in the “People Also Search For” section…

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timse7 [reading] Cite from search results

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is such a great library for both client & server () communication. Just sayin’ & kudos..socket.io6O

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Giving Adobe’s Source Code Pro open-source font a try. Font: My first reaction:

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ReaderMeter Presimental by @edsu, real-time sentiment analysis for tweets on Obama and Romney with NodeJS, SocketIO and Sentimental

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mrowebot Gifs of research: loving ‘Invitation to be a local chair’ and ‘Just before demo of findings’

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W3C member @deri’s @mhausenblas on the serialization format proposal : Spoiler alert: a “-1”.

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denormalize things I learned while building @Gather, a hybrid mobile app…

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A tutorial on client-side <form> constraint validation:

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Wow’ed by the aesthetics of the Google data center gallery: Hint: you can download them all:

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@grindcrank Wenn du mein Facebook-“Freund” wärest, könnte ich dir dafür ordentlich Kredit zollen. So musste ich von FB auf den Tweet linken.

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Does the use of mark-up create a ranking benefit? @mattcutts responds w/ a clear nyeer: (via @danbri)

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The Wikipedia API is a _great_ “best effort” API. No hard quota, just specify required contact data in the User-Agent:

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RT @jsconfeu: We now have a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to […] /pEU

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@EllieAsksWhy @nicolastorzec @ReaderMeter Bit philosophic but maybe fits your doubt: We knew the [Semantic] Web was big

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@dret Make sure that demos have a table, power sockets, & working WiFi. Personally, I dislike everyone eating while I’m presenting.

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@nicolastorzec @ReaderMeter @wikidata I don’t know. Core teamers might. We confirmed 682,053 subjects ☺

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Muslim protests in front of Google London offices against that stupid Muhammad video:… (via @maximetiran)

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Twitter Whom to Follow is now Whom to Follow for Twitter. Whole story: Get the extension:

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Just submitted a paper for the Challenge () on the approach together w/ @stmirea.

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Here’s to our bot overlords that, e.g., maintain article language references for “free”:

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The recent changes IRC live stream channels on are incredibly insightful. Room names are of the form language.project.

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@juansequeda That’s what is good for. My favorite: continuous :-)

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stshank Great post-mortem by @declanm into why links stopped working yesterday on @Twitter. Root cause: human error:

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mathias Four ways to categorize values in JavaScript: by @rauschma

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paul_irish Why I’m so excited about Web Platform Docs…

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@hfmuehleisen Welcome to my world :-) The evil world of Web scraping. Hint: it’s not just @TwitPic..hD

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relaxnow @jsconfeu “Why Is A Monad Like A Writing Desk”… mentioned by @elise_huard

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erikcorry @felixge: “eval is awesome” but actually eval is the evil twin, the awesome twin is new Function(). And @felixge used the 2nd one.

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An Angry Birds playing testing robot controlled by . Only at @jsconfeu.

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nicolastorzec An article about map maker Nokia/Navteq, with interesting details and data points about its data collection process…

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Liked @maxogden’s government.js @jsconfeu talk! / & people together w/ the government can change things.

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cramforce Mr. @BrendanEich on designing JavaScript (Part of the EU 4ß Keynote)…

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@vambenepe But then a [Like] isn’t a grammar/typographic issue. Or are you pointing to the fact that the verb like should be lowercase? ;-)

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@vambenepe Examples, or it didn’t happen. A solid set of RegExps fixed my Web so far. What are you missing?

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.@vambenepe All your pedant needs catered for! Whom to follow: and : Cheers! Fix le Web!

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Monitoring @jsconfeu from a distance? This is the mother of all Twitter search queries: OR OR @jsconfeu OR @jsconf -“RT “

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Unannounced visit at the @wikidata Berlin office. Hoped to meet @anjeve & @vrandezo, which I did. Thanks for the explanations :-D

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@giusepperizzo @rtroncy @peputo Hmmm, working fine here. On mobile, so hard to send a copy. Try again, and let me know if it still fails.

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Don’t use el.textContent to strip HTML tags, or you’re pwnd by an : (via @ebidel on G+)

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Fascinating read of @Vjeux’s report w/ a roundhouse kick on face detection, image gallery layout, etc. at Facebook:

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Vjeux CSS Trick: Semi-transparent border to improve the look and feel of image galleries…

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dalmaer How does Facebook crop an image for the square components? @Vjeux explains in a quality post…

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aaranged @tomayac Cf. and search for “white”- I think semweb developers are too used to closed data sets. :)

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On a related note: paper on spamming in : [I still need to read it] (via @juansequeda on Facebook)

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On spam (2009 post by @iand): Mentions careful whitelisting to the (unscalable) rescue. (via @aaranged)

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cygri From Google Refine to Open Refine: “We at Google have taken Refine as far as we could; the next phase lies with you”

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Two productive days of brainstorming & hacking at @EURECOM w/ @rtroncy, @peputo, & @giusepperizzo have come to an end:

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jerem Follow this Google+ page if you want more news about what we are doing at the Cultural Institute…

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@vambenepe Congratulations & a warm welcome to Google :-) I would have commented on your blog post, but this would be against the trend :-P

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@PhilBeardmore I was considering a universal user script, however, am lacking the time to do it at the moment. Remind me in some weeks :-)

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An @RWW interview with Emily Moxley, Google’s lead Product Manager for the :… (via @lespetitescases)

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Visiting ’s Multimedia Communications group for the next three days to work w/ @rtroncy, @giusepperizzo, & @peputo. —D

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