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May 2013

@sympapadopoulos Somehow it’s no big topic on . Short remark in EN…. Checked TR, see…

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@chanezon JavaScript: immediate satisfaction, easy to host static files (for free), runs everywhere. Start graphically w/ SVG/canvas. Fun!

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ydn Pure - YUI Blog via @yuilibrary

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~RT @WikiLiveMon: Candidate:… [Edits: 15, Editors: 9, Langs: →1←] // News because of the Google doodle.

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Distributing the Edit History of Infoboxes, posted by E. Alfonseca (via @googleresearch)

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Why the change? Live Monitor didnt report on… even if it was edited like crazy, as it was avail as EN-only.

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On the other hand, it’s a good signal of the healthiness of the -versum: 1 vandalizing user’s edits undone by ≥ 2 Wikipedians.

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Aware of the still too many false positives w/ (updated) single-language article sensitive Live Monitor. Triggers on 😢

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Nearby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -… // CC: @edsu :-)

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It’s never been easier to start publish structured data:…. Your 1st steps in the / world!

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Yesterday’s Live Monitor change (single-lang. sensitivity) caused many false positives. Increased NUM_OF_CONCURRENT_EDITORS to 3.

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Hmmm, apparently this is how it looks like at @jsconf. @cramforce, can you confirm?

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Improved Live Monitor’s recall for single-lang. articles & social network search, ie, expect more local candidates.

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googleresearch Google will pay our researchers’ open access author fees for ACM, IEEE, and comparable journals:

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~RT @mamund: was great. […] // Thanks for the keynote! Bummer I couldn’t make it. Judging from the tweets it was great13

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~RT @kerfors: […] Blog…PQ w/ links t@anjeveve’s excellent presentations ota &ta // +1K. Thanks!

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kerfors Jason Douglas, from Google: Google Knowledge Graph at See also

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Live Monitor was up all W/E, but got stale post-tweet…. Reset & improved IRC logs….

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SALAD2013 Program and papers online at Coming up: @mamund’s keynote on Autonomous Agents on the Web.

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Ahrg, timeshifting the (-10min behind, because the kids wouldn’t sleep) but has detected the winner already.

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WikiResearch God competing with Hitler among “Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia: A Multilingual and Geographical Analysis”

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JSON.stringify(new Date())—You keep using that statement, I do not think it means what you think it means. [millisec, compare to new Date()]

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WikiResearch “WikiCat: A graph-based algorithm for categorizing Wikipedia articles”

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Live Monitor now monitors all(!) 285 Wikipedias. Added “articles edited/sec” stats. Live-tweeting as @WikiLiveMon.

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PatrickMeier How BBC News used social media to cover tragic Woolwich event & verify user-generated reports (h/t @Trushar)

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If you’re into natural language analysis, this dataset & paper might be for you:… (via @googleresearch)

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RubenVerborgh Incredible: Google lets you search your own photo collection by keywords…that it added automatically through…6q

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WikiResearch MT ‏@notconfusing How to visualize a word FOR every Language IN every Language using

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Updating Live Monitor. Favorite part: reflecting additions to 1000K+ & 100K+ club… >

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RT @WikiLiveMon: Candidate:… [Edits: 5, Editors: 2, Langs: 2] // Dirty deletion war in DE .

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@GuardianJoanna As a quick FYI: Live Monitor (experimentally) live-tweets now as @WikiLiveMon. Feedback welcome.

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When I add Twitter support to Live Monitor (@WikiLiveMon) the @newscientist article goes to print @wdenton

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@edsu @wdenton “only because of my work on wikistream”—Why “only”? If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants :-)

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Tweeting Live Monitor runs indep’ly from Heroku app. @WikiLiveMon uses cond. published in

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I’ve added experimental Twitter support to Live Monitor ( @WikiLiveMon for .

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danbri .@sandphoto I don’t normally plug G+ on Twitter, but when I do it’s because I’ve gotten 9 messages that would’ve fitted in one over there ;)

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@informor “Top Media about $X” => $X should never(?) be an adjective.

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@informor After entering a new event to track, I expect it to appear first, not under the fold below others’ events (on my 13” MacBook Pro)

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@informor I expected autocomplete on the “Track new event” page for location & maybe even after entering the 1st hashtag (by co-occurrence).

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@informor @rtroncy Thanks for the invite :-) Bug report no. 1: “fine events”

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edsu just ran across @vrandezo’s Wikipedia Globe for comparing geographic coverage of 9 wikipedias

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Ever wondered how work? Explanation in this paper:

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TrinkerMedia The Hydra Console by Markus Lanthaler. JSON+HYDRA

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.@MarkusLanthaler reminds us of the evil world of WS–* during hi1ck

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TomDeNies We went totally bananas in Rio yesterday!

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My paper: Ranking Media Items Stemming from Multiple Social Networks, [PDF]

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cyberandy accessing Google Knowledge Graph with the Freebase APIs - and how Freebase and the KG interact

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@informor @rtroncy Could I get an invite, too? Please, with sugar on top :-) tomac AT google (.) com

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manusporny JSON-LD 1.0 released as a 2nd Last Call (on the same day that Google adopts it in Gmail):

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bobdc @manusporny Congratulations on Gmail’s use of JSON-LD (…)!

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arkaitz All papers are available at

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With the new Organization markup of you can determine your organization’s appearance in etc.

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googlecloud App Engine introduces the PHP runtime, your top requested feature!

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To Crop, Or Not to Crop: Compiling Online Media Galleries-3 poster by@Vjeuxx & yours

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ryguyrg New App Engine support for PHP - “this isn’t your daddy’s PHP server” says Urs at

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If you missed the Live Monitor talk y’day, I’ll demo it right after the opening keynote at the @googleresearch booth.

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taubau Pageview logs of Wikipedia are publicly available at… , must be useful for some analysis.

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Slides of @RubenVerborgh’s talk “, an open-world assumption for ” at (via @erikmannens)

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Slides from my presentation about Live Monitor: App:

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Miel_vds Slides of my talk on r&wbase: Git for triples

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@TomDeNies Sure, I’m open to adding more data sources (also realtime page views apart from edits). Have any concrete source in your head?

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I’ll show Live Monitor ( today (16:10, room Alvaro II) in the workshop at .

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Folks share massively, but no actual @Abercrombie donation act yet

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TryEventifier Photos, Tweets & more from is being captured here, have a look: @laroyo @nattiyak @thetarro Thank you.

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@edwardbenson I also loved that one :-) Related: To understand recursion, you have to understand recursion first.

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Some impressions from . Common themes: core conference, Rio tourist attractions, Rio street art.

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My former Google intern host @chanezon has joined Microsoft’s DevRel team where he’ll focus on : Congrats, P@!

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Live Monitor now auto-updates all timestamped events. No more everlasting “just now”:

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Tailbone.js: using as a back-end for your Web app via (no Python or Java required).

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@edsu Great article! Hope that “midlife crisis” lasts for a while :-)

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edsu new blog post: maps on the web with a bit of midlife crisis

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@edsu s/Google released there/Google released their/ :-)

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@vrandezo Good article! I tend to cite in papers for general summaries of events like, e.g., Super Bowl or Boston Bombings.

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BigDataBorat I update Java on Hadoop cluster, now all jobs must be submit through Ask Toolbar.

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David Ferrucci (@IBMResearch) on his life after : (via @dianamaynard on )

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edsu ici now uses geodata & has new map markers for articles that need edits/citations

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Working on my poster in ; again bitten by the ligature export bug:

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mikecurtis Airbnb search ranking model explained. Such an interesting problem. Great work by @mcharkov and the analytics team.…

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Trends Map—Explore the most popular videos by city and

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Nice showcase slide deck of Google Maps API features that you may not be aware of: (by @ubilabs@aemkei)

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@iand Contract-First-driven people?

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@BcnJS Pull request sent. Thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to future collaboration. (CC: @hhjs)

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~RT @VilaWeb: [INTERNAUTA] La com a font de notícies (amb Thomas Steiner) // Podcast w/ me in :-)

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TwitterAPI We’re extending API v1 Retirement until June 11, 2013.…

via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 9:44 PM, May 3rd, 2013 via Echofon) changed its tagline from “Palestinian Territories” to “Palestine” on May 1:… (via @ReaderMeter)

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aaranged Once @feedly is browser-accessible without requiring an app, plugin or extension I’ll make the switch.

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