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December 2013

thalhamm Releasing scores for English 3.8 at… (stay tuned: more will come soon)

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@AnaniaLoretta Would love to learn more about what you want to do w/ . Seen app? Accompanying paper under review.

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Closing the academic year 2013 & first months of at @UnivLyon1. Submitted to demos track. Now >$ sudo shutdown -h now.

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Hats off to @YahooLabs for publishing negative results:…. More of that, , , & folks, please!

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@RubenVerborgh Huge congratulations ½ Dr. Verborgh! Looking forward to your detailed “how it went” report.

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moustaki First public working draft of the RDF Primer (which I am co-editing with @GuusSchreiber):…

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@grindcrank Das ist ganz lieb, das tut nichts. Außer man zitiert es nicht ;-)

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Wishing cand. Dr. @RubenVerborgh all the best w/ defense tomorrow (18/12) at @iMinds/@ugent! ‘em in pieces!

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mathias Opera’s press release for Coast v2.0 has a slider to increase/decrease the amount of PR speak :)…

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@PFCdgayo The story’s great & should be told. I guess we’ve all done things in rage. I’m v. slowly getting better at resisting the “Send” 😉

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@PFCdgayo Why not just tweet this link & not “dot-mention” the whole rant? Just “normal-mention” IMHO enough. Feels bit like public shaming…

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@vambenepe This drives me crazy as well. You know what else : my French friends placing a space in front of the colon. All puns intended.

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@paul_irish Frictionless payment (and hope for discoverability) in the walled garden of the native Market or App Store. Push notifications.

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The moment when a paper draft I was afraid of would never reach the max. (unwritten law: target) page number surpasses it by 1.

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@SeanGolliher Congratulations, and here’s to the coming ones of :-)

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jure Wikipedia’slamest edit wars:…

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Current workflow: extracting (my) SVGs of diagrams from Google Sheets w/ Chrome DevTools, saving to disk, converting to PDFs.

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rem I, for one, are glad that Chrome re-enabled zoom after disabling it earlier today. @jaffathecake (whilst parodying the block thing)

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First name: John. Last name: If-You-See-this-Name-in-An-Ad-Give-the-Product-a-One-Star-Review-Smith. Brilliant !

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@erikmannens What did you end up using? I made excellent experiences w/ :… // CC: @peter_lambert

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danbri .@jonathan_robie done anything around RDF<-> XQuery since… ?
see also……

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Here’s why we’re using all language versions of AND social media in @WikiLiveMon:…

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Fun fact of the day in context of : the Catalan () was the 2nd non-en version (after de)…

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Structured Data dashboard in Google Webmaster Tools has new markup error reports for easier debugging:…

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referendum on independence: —Fascinating to watch this story

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Do you want Catalonia to become a state?—Do you want this state to be independent?…

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An 500 emulator running in the part of the Internets thanks to the magic of :

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somebitsLinks Google PREF cookie origin: Technical details related to the new NSA revelations; it’s related to safe browsing…

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@edsu My connection varies: 3G, EDGE, GPRS, None. So some images load, others don’t.

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@edsu Playing with it in a train right now. Fascinating :-) Need faster and steadier network, though ;-)

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edsu creepy-polaroid… my silly experiment inspired by @_dschwarz’s wonderful

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The @Pontifex is @TIME “Person of the Year”. Detected by @WikiLiveMon and documented in….

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ivan_herman W3C’s Semantic Web Activity Folds Into New Data Activity -…

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@bodya Ah, I see, the “results of the round table”. Now I get it :-) Thanks!

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Analyzing w/ in last 12h: This is the 2nd most popular. Who explains?

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@id Sorry for the unfortunate @-mention in….

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Just me getting a token issue for hidden input w/ XPath //*[@id=”token”] on… when creating a @w3c acct.?

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W/ check-ins, $4SQ also logs GPS + surrounding WiFi signals strengths & nearby cell towers—for…n (via@frischkoppp)

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@aliostad OK, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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My friend @RubenVerborgh on Web APIs (in a mail): “Don’t think ‘addFriend’, think create ‘friendship’”. // CC: @wsREST

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@danbri @markuslanthaler @Gkellogg @linclark even has a dedicated url() function for fetching remote content:…

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Re: Re: Re:… For next time, remember that no scheduling effort is so small le isn’t worth itdoodle.comH8 (vi@gromgullll)

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Wondering if @RubenVerborgh’s aware of G+ Call-to-Action labels… in context of Web actions?!…

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Our chapter “Survey of Semantic Desc. of APIs” now avail. in “REST: Adv. Research Topics & Practical Apps” book…

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Inspired by @bobdc’s last tweet, reminded to donate to @WikimediaDE: ✔ Danke for the great work! . A personal appeal…

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@bobdc Why would you limit yourself to English? https?:\/\/(\w+) etc. and then replace “en” w/ ” & leave all others there.

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@joedevon Together with @RubenVerborgh and @cpedrinaci, we’ve taken over the orga duties for @wsREST from @dret et al.

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We’d ♥ controversial papers at @wsREST! ~RT @aliostad: @ashic was one of the biggest mistakes in @fielding’s paper. […@gregyoungng

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MagnusManske @wikidata item Q12345 is Count von Count

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danbri .@linclark Google parses RDFa 1.1 just fine. JSON-LD support is in certain app-specific settings not ‘the Web at large’.

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allows one to download streams: Pre-compiled for :…. Use it wisely.

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@Miel_vds @RubenVerborgh This is actually an idea worth being considered seriously. Now all we need is an API to access Disqus comments…

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Reading up on SMIL—“The value ofL is that it […] complements […] Web components like [DHTML, CSS & XML]” (20 via web

@mahemoff +1K & chuckles at “[Every time] Open the deployment HOWTO”.

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@mamund Yeah, Web history is fascinating. Thanks for making me read up on it a bit…

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@mamund Found the quote nice because ideally(?) it could’ve worked like this w/ <video>, albeit never actually worked like this w/ <img>…

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@mamund @markuslanthaler ~”the img reading routines figure out the format on the fly, so the ext wont be significant” via Echofon in reply to mamund

@mamund @markuslanthaler Same applies for all media elements… (<audio>, <video>), but get your point.

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@markuslanthaler @gklyne I guess the WHATWG aren’t interested (at all) in what SemWeb people do w/ conneg… Fair enough given their focus.

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What, according to the @WHATWG, is wrong w/ :…, driven by actual observations. (via @markuslanthaler)

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cramforce Because we can…

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.@WikiLiveMon: Candidate:… [Edits: 8, Editors: 5, Langs: 2] // Hurricane floods

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Germany getting ready for hurricane (aka. cyclone ). Many selfies, but also some serious media items.

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@kidehen Thanks. The URI isn’t all, tho: think mobile sites where the URI stays the same, but the delivered content (mobile/desktop) varies…

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@amrapaliz Ah, I see :-) As I have done it now already, I won’t wish you luck once you actually do defend ;-)

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I asked: Is the same video but in different encodings the owl:sameAs?…

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catrope Today @Wikipedia started storing JavaScript in localStorage, saving quite a lot of bandwidth :)

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dret get tenure or die trying……

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—Extendedt regular expressions (eg punctuation class) that compile to nativep:xregexp.comh MIT-licensed

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ydn NodeJS High Availability | Yahoo Engineering…

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arkaitz Apple buys Topsy, a Twitter search and analytics firm…

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