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December 17th, 2013

Wishing cand. Dr. @RubenVerborgh all the best w/ defense tomorrow (18/12) at @iMinds/@ugent! ‘em in pieces!

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RT @mathias: Opera’s press release for Coast v2.0 has a slider to increase/decrease the amount of PR speak :)

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@PFCdgayo The story’s great & should be told. I guess we’ve all done things in rage. I’m v. slowly getting better at resisting the “Send” 😉

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@PFCdgayo Why not just tweet this link & not “dot-mention” the whole rant? Just “normal-mention” IMHO enough. Feels bit like public shaming…

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@vambenepe This drives me crazy as well. You know what else : my French friends placing a space in front of the colon. All puns intended.

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@paul_irish Frictionless payment (and hope for discoverability) in the walled garden of the native Market or App Store. Push notifications.

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