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July 2014

@RubenVerborgh @juansequeda Maybe what we all want (as author & reviewer) is something like peer review ombudsmen: anonym. until complaint.

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“Reviewers shouldn’t hide their name”, by @RubenVerborgh

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.@TIME: “Twitter Shocks Wall Street With Big Growth in Revenue, Users”… Congrats, $TWTR!

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stilkov I found Facebook’s experiment despicable, not true for OkCupid’s. Optimizing their algorithm is what users pay for.…

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Apparently Maria Ozawa… [NSFW] is popular _now_ w/ Wikipedians. @WikiLiveMon @mediagalleries

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Pardon the pr0n on @mediagalleries. The algorithm fires as User:JimmyWang adds… widely.

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~RT @SemWebDev: […] 43 submissions […]mWeb // Congrats on filling this ho@RubenVerborghorgh!

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jindrichmynarz “Big data: a small introduction” by Aidan Hogan. (pdf)

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TorrenTV (—Streams Torrent downloads to Apple TV & Roku, using the tech of Popcorn Time popcorntime.ioE).

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The TwitterKnitter: mechanical knitting machine upgraded to knit tweets, by @tangentmonger:… (via @iammyr)

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~RT @sympapadopoulos: proceedings are at last available on CEUR: // +1! Thanks :-)

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rigow The Internet has made everything easier, especially for Video cc/ @w3c @timberners_lee (via @bendrath )

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Politie Dutch National Police is investigating the crash of . Do you have pictures or video material? Please upload it:…

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MarijnJH Also, if anyone wants in on the action of reviewing Eloquent JavaScript 2nd edition, you can start now! Full text at…

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The API… is IMHO so scary that in 2014 I prefer localStorage w/ LZ compress…

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Everybody excited about the latest static LOD cloud, @edsu still runs a daily updating version

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lysander07 A new LOD Cloud diagram has been published…

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mhausenblas I will make sure our kids know this by heart before they’re allowed onto the Web:

RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines

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TeXtip Modern LaTeX…

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The probably most complete intro to the new <picture> element as of today, by @ODevRel:…

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@alexmilowski I reckon that means you’re Dr. Miłowski now?! Congratulations!

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Persistent Web tracking mechanisms:… [PDF]—Cf.5 <canvas>…b [PDF]y

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>$ du ~/ | sort -nr | more-h tip du jour: finds disk space hogs in your home directory…

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natematias You know those Twitter bots that track Wikipedia edits? Well, @RuGovEdits found an astonishing story yesterday

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jarib 8 years of anonymous Wikipedia edits by the US Congress, more to follow at @congressedits

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SemWebDev The deadline of the Developers Workshop has been extended to 28 July. Spread the news and submit:

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jospang The Malaysia Air Crash: Should We Publish Pictures of Bodies? - Atlantic Mobile…

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@fotofalle_nycts You finally did it :D But why limit to 40.7577°N,73.9857°W? You should also add attribution to the photos (embed URL).

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.@ndiakopoulos: “Some […] [news] bots do look at data feeds to generate novel insights, like [.@mediagalleriesries […zH0skim

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.@TeXtip is an immediate follow :-) Daily , , and tips. (via @bkeegan, CC: @RubenVerborgh)

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This 2013 blog post on human computation at Twitter just popped up again:… Well worth the read still now!

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@sympapadopoulos That’s your 723 moment: On a more serious note:… [PDF]

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Souders mozjpeg 2.0 announced by @mozilla. Reduces jpeg size by 5%. @facebook is evaluating.…

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Hacking Facebook’s legacy API: great write-up of the creative approach:…

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Stay up-to-date on Google’s Project Zero issue discoveries & subscribe to their Atom(!) feed:…

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Project…r. A top-notch Googley research team operating in the…7.

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The trouble w/ by @paul_houle of fame:…. Note the comment by J.Taylor! (via @rtroncy)

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simonw is an absolutely beautiful visualization of the day in a life of a NYC taxi, based on the recently released taxi data

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@ndiakopoulos @parliamentedits Just wondering when the first smear campaign leverages any of the bots, now that it gets some press…

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Watch this video: the one and only Thomas Müller (…)…H [de-BAR]G

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The man behind Cydia, @saurik, on competition vs. community in the jailbreaking scene:

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adambarth HTMLMarqueeElement.js is a small step towards making the web platform self-hosting:…

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An IPython notebook describing how Google predicts the outcomes w/ BigQuery:…

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@apassant Looking forward to the next blog post then :-) Have a great weekend!

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@apassant Fantastic blog post & showcase. Thanks for the link. Actually, the latest version w/ media galleries is at

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@olafhartig Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Dr. Hartig!

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lilcoccinelle Configurar tu propio dominio en Blogger: Quién ha dicho que es difícil?…

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A walk down memory lane: why do we even use the “www” subdomain?…

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NiemanLab Do you find TweetDeck overwhelming? Here’s a handy guide for how to better use it for newsgathering

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Discovering pm2: a modern CLI process manager for Node.js apps w/ built-in load-balancer by @strzel_a:

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@edsu @tomscott @IFTTT I think it works w/ a conditional check on the author field of the Wikipedia recent changes RSS feed (not realtime).

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@edsu If you want to deploy (@)BundestagEdits, here you go:… (German)

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@edsu It wasn’t really on my radar neither until I noticed that at Google we use externally visible IP v6 addresses now…

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edsu I just renamed congress-edits github repo to anon since it can be configured to listen to custom, named ip ranges now

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@edsu Awesome work! Considered supporting IP v6, too, for the future?…

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tomscott Yesterday, I made @parliamentedits. Today, @congressedits, @gccaedits and @RiksdagWikiEdit are up and running, thanks to some smart people!

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You know history’s being written when a sole match gets an own Wikipedia page…

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@vambenepe LOL, I stand corrected. @RubenVerborgh & I are working on an extension that inserts… in such cases ;-)

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@debugglesoft @mhausenblas @vambenepe: @RubenVerborgh & me even got a scientific publication out of it:…

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@sdkstl As long as IP ranges are publicly known, yes. I doubt that they’re public for most institutions & there’re unknowns (proxies, VPNs).

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Interesting-@tomscottt’s Twitter bot@parliamenteditss tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits coming from UK Parliament

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benward Do you have a site with a JSONP API? You need to read this and patch your implementation; major x-domain abuse:…

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W/ yet another incident of unauth’d digital certificates (story…), good to know that… are here.

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: that moment when not even Google knows what you’re talking about:…

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~RT @mathias: Dear Google, please fix plain text emails in Gmail:… // +1! It’s more “Dear @gmail” rather than @Google.

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Brilliant comic on research ethics in the Facebook emotional contagion paper:

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SPARQL-MM: SPARQL extension that allows for querying Linked Data for Media Fragments… (via @tkurz, CC: @rtroncy)

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torgo Har har.…

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.@Vjeux about applying Knuth’s line breaking algorithm to image layout:…

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LeaVerou Brilliant post by @meyerweb on “What Not To Say To a Grieving Parent”…
Most points apply to anyone grieving, really.

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juanmillan85 Thomas Steiner talking about .”Enriching unstructured media content about events” from Google @cubrikproject

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VincenzoCroce1 @tomayac at @cubrikproject Summer School in , nice presentation on breaking news detection

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The ideal opportunity to turn that accept (reject) into (more) by highlighting features of the code:

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@moustaki Félicitations! Sounds like a great career move! Enjoy the free content, too ;-)

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