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January 2013

evad3rs The official evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak: — Check regularly for updates!

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The for our workshop w/ the cool acronym is finally out: , ,

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Anyone from my timeline attending ( next week in Rome, Italy? I’ll be there for

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The social networks’ reaction on the event, sorted by x-network popularity & posted ≤4h ago.

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.@hfmuehleisen on achieve cron-like jobs if all you have is a cheap Web hosting package Powers my TweetNest

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nicolastorzec How Facebook taught its Search tool to understand people: Natural Language Processing in Facebook Graph Search…

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RT @somebitsLinks: : Simple examples of a new async. JavaScript idiom: // Callback hell be gone!

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@hfmuehleisen Wow, that was quick. I’ll give it a try once I have TweetNest installed. Thanks :-)

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@hfmuehleisen LOL, get better soon… You could make a lot of Twitter users happy by providing such a service. Let me know how it goes… Cheers

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@hfmuehleisen Another idea would be to make XHR calls to twitter,com/$username whenever someone opens the app. Let me know if yours works.

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@hfmuehleisen Duh, 1&1 neither, at least not in my mid-tier package… Hmmm, what now?

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, a based solution that imports tweet archives & then auto-updates via cron script: (via @hfmuehleisen)

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@hfmuehleisen Does it automagically pull in new tweets, or is it based on the downloaded archive? If the prior, do you share the code?

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MarkusLanthaler Do you wanna give Windows 1.0 or a spin? Look no further:, a IBM PC simulator written entirely in

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manusporny Twitter launches - shows government information requests and takedown notices:

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@rtroncy “Work on” is exaggerated, “involved in as a company” better describes the situation. It’s complicated… Albeit it would fihD

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.@brucel 3, 2, 1, : ~”Now, let’s add () to <article>, to protect the struggling print industry.”:

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Plenary meeting for the EU project at the @DeutscheWelle headquarters in Berlin. Let’s see how that goes…

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@rtroncy It’s probably because I joined Facebook before it was uncool ;-)

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Got enabled. While fun, it definitely can get creepy if you’ve too much data there. Love the speaking/hackable URLs.

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paul_irish Farewell to `event.initMouseEvent(“click”, true, true, window, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, false, false, false, false, 0, null)`… :)

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Just threw one away and built a new one (Frederick Brooks). The code of is so much nicer now!

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Towards animated GIFs for all? “Vine: A New Way to Share Video”… // (via @yprie)

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Blog post about multi-armed bandit experiments in…

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@nicolastorzec Sigh, life’s hard. I can see synergy potential by using the blacklist as a whitelist for a new, erm, niche search engine… ;-)

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addyosmani My new post on Workspaces: A feature that will simplify your find & fix workflow in the Chrome DevTools…

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@bitworking Look no further! & add a rule GNU\/Linux → Shockley\/GNU\/Linux :D Credit where credit is due…

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Media gallery layout algorithm of , inspired by ’s, as detailed by @Vjeux. See, note the top-banner.

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vrandezo Call for submissions: Developer’s track of the WWW2013 conference. 3 pages until February 15. Feel free to share.…

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Post by @nelson on the zero-width space: There’s one here ‘​’. Wonder how we could use it in :-)

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folks, here’s your event’s media gallery, made w/ @googleresearch tech, right here in HAM! @frischkopp

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New filters: ① Has the words “iaria,org”→Delete it. ② From:→Delete it. Conference . So it has come to this…

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Benvingut a Munic, Pep! joins . Preview of automatically generated social media gallery.

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@simonstl Hmmm, that’s a “…”, no ‘…’, to the rescue!

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@eturner303 Is your slide deck (if any) public? Would love to see it.

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RT @MarkusLanthaler: Wohoo.. just closed the last open issue for 1.0. // Congratulations to everyone involved!

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.@LeaVerou Looks like you’re the -like-minded kind of person. This stuff matters. // CC: @RubenVerborgh

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@rtroncy “graphsearch”, “graph search”, and “facebook graph search”, bundled in one search session. Aiming for early/mid Q1 for submission.

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launch & social network multimedia reactions as seen by (aggressive clustering):

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The most burning question after today’s Graph Search launch was intentionally left open: what happens if you type “Facebook” into Facebook?

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Probably the best story you’ll read on ’s gig today comes from ’s @StevenLevy:

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@xavigiro WRT, have you seen Demo at Streaming video->different challenges.

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@RubenVerborgh Sounds nice in theory, but then come the “your password must contain at least” & “at max” & “be the square root of” rules.

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ndiakopoulos Word breaking API can help with delineating individual words in mashed up hashtags:

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vrandezo Wikidata switching on on Hungarian:… — and the first edit on Hungarian:…

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Vjeux New blog article: the basic maths behind adapting an image to a viewport…

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isn’t just for XHR, says @rem:… (via @brucel) // +1K. Please go !

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@tcurdt Some call it a feature ;-) My point was: it doesn’t auto-open. It tries to auto-open ;-)

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@tcurdt It did ask for permission. You allowed your browser to open iTunes for certain URI schemes.

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My pic from at has been featured in @nosop3’s story: :D

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My papers are avail. for free on my Google Scholar profile: (via @tommyh)

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ericaxel Catch-Up: Recent Developments On The Entity Of People, Places, And Things

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Thankfully, the Twittersphere agrees: gives you the cross-social-network stats :-)

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Welcome back Nuri Sahin to the . According to , this is the most popular social media item for the event:

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@agebhard @BarryNorton Another nice acronym is , where yours truly has an accepted (2pp) position paper ;-)

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Kudos to Dr. @BarryNorton for the acronym of our workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data!

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List of accepted workshops for is online:… (via @eswc_conf) // Including ours:

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RT @edsu: No update for 2012, I guess that says something eh? // Yeah: size doesn’t matter :-)

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: A Better Dock-to-Right Experience Using Vertical Splitting (via @addyosmani)

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dret who could resist to participate in a workshop called SALAD? (Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data)

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@prototypo Thanks :-) Can’t wait to deploy it somewhere for people to play around. Need to finish the darn thesis first, though ;-)

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’s insane keynote as seen by . Note the exact & loose duplicate image clustering.

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RT @TwitterEng: Improving Twitter search with real-time human computation // Here’s to human brain power!

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html5doctor Dr. @brucel interviews HTML Editor, Ian Hixie:…

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Separate Fact & Fiction Online +1 talk by Storyful’s M. Nolan w/ examples you may have seen. (via @rtroncy)

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gimsieke Surprised that @tomayac’s indispensable “Whom to follow” Chrome extension also corrects tweets.…

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rtroncy RT @SemanticWeb: Live, Winner of Semantic Web Challenge, Starts New Project With Maps,

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