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September 2012

@afterglowlee Yepp :-) Aware of your (great!) use case. Thanks! Know of others? Usage in the wild?

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Quick heads-up of what (the browser-implemented part) is: lets you link _into_ video like so: dancing.webm#t=10,20

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URI 1.0 (basic) is a Recommendation // Know of real-world use cases? Tweet’em. Thanks (via @w3c)

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dajobe A Conversation With Randall Munroe, the Creator of XKCD (via @hackernodeapp)…

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@dret Sure, whereas the point here seems to be more that “the browser’s CSS processor is written in [native] C++” vs interpreted JavaScript.

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Speed/memory usage comparison of (spoiler alert: winner) vs animations… (via Opera’s @brucel)

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A presentation on the manyfold applications of at : (via @abursuc)

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Just co-presented the project at the workshop in Brussels. The live demo is here:

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Don’t care about the diff btw real apostrophes & “’”? Stop reading now: // If you do: via @timbray

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@lysander07 Thanks for the clarification on your GKG usage. (Watched the slides from my cell phone, overlooked the small-print paper refs.)

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@lysander07 Do you already have a citable/shareable publication w/ the GKG ground truth? Was thinking of a similar approach. Interesting!

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Google used as ground truth for Game w/ a Purpose-based facts ranking by @lysander07:

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JavaScript DOM news: append() prepend() before() after() replace() coming. remove() works in… (via @paul_irish)

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@danbri Congratulations. Happy it all worked out :-)

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nicolastorzec New Blog post: The Short Life of the Open Knowledge Graph, and how it relates to Google Knowledge Graph… - CC @tomayac

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Final version of the paper is in the already published proceedings

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The preprint of our demo paper “Adding Realtime Coverage to
the Google ” is now avail.

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juansequeda Workshop on Search and Exploration of X-Rated Information (SEXI 2013). This is for real!

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’s AC Rep @tobie puts that Zuckerberg quote in much-needed context (via @BrendanEich)

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@mahemoff Kinda sad, but I’ve developed a habit to check all G+ links that I post in a private tab pre-posting… Visibility rules complexity.

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@mahemoff Hmmm, the G+ link 404s badly…

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Paper by @jrweave et al. about ’s accepted for publication in the Journal (congrats):…

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manusporny What’s the current status of HTML5+RDFa 1.1? Answer:

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@hfmuehleisen Did you get to run? The main issue seems to be that you have to inline the references as .bbl. Found a solution?

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@mostafagalal Hope you like it.

Pedantically yours,


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What’s Wrong w/ ? by @timbray:…. Good thoughts & great 1st comment by @nelson. (via @dret)

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@mamund @restfest Do you guys consider live-streaming it? Hang-out on Air or related technology? Might join virtually, time permitting.

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Google Boldly go where no man has gone before w/ today’s interactive Star Trek doodle. More info:

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Following an invitation from @sethvanhooland, I’ll give a talk at the Université Libre de Bruxelles on 9/25: @MaSTICulb

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Pinged on Twitter OAuth requ., @al3x: “I care bout it in the way u might care bout a cousin who’s an alcoholic & just keeps doing dumb shit”

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mattcutts Read about “Ground Truth” (a codename for part of Google Maps) and how much work we’ve put into maps:

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Looking ahead after the shutdown: here’s the Socializer Chrome extension:

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SemanticWeb So Long, and Thanks for All The Triples —KG Shuts

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@hfmuehleisen I used for , which required some minor manual fixes (UTF-8, \thanks{}, inline .bbl):

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In the Developer Tools, $_ now refers to the last console result. This might come in handy. (via @ChromiumDev)

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nicolastorzec So far, SEKI@Home has scraped and stored 2.5M Google Knowledge Graph facts into its publicly accessible triple store:

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Wicked Good , a Google-authored pure implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath spec:…

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@tommyh @rtroncy Was saying that for the hotel standard, the negotiated rate’s fair comp’ed to 3rd party deals. Unlike .

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.@tenCate Yepp :-( Here’s our World War II story: [German]

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Police patrolling streets round our central home asking people to stay inside b/o 2 discovered unexploded World War II .

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RT @anjeve: As of today I joined @wikidata & I’m totally excited to see and help it happen. // +1. Congratulations! Full-time? From Berlin?

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@aygul Congratulations! Time to move on ;-)

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The team will have an official statement ready soon regarding that @SemanticWeb piece:

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SemanticWeb – Growing Quickly and Where To From

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@agebhard Ironically enough, @BASE delivers consistently throughout the whole flat, where @deutschetelekom & @vodafone_de give <= .

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Switched carriers from @deutschetelekom to @vodafone_de & went from [E] to [○] in our central flat.

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@timbray Respectfully disagree & I do care, e.g., in paper reviews: it should be “website” as in Wikipedia, but “the Web” & “the Internet”.

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