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September 2013

Roadmap for : submitted yesterday, committee has three months to review (I had to propose ten people), defense in early 2014 :D

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RubenVerborgh After 3 years of hard labour, finally submitted my thesis “Serendipitous Web Applications through Semantic Hypermedia”. Yeah!

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thesis document formally submitted for review. Yay! //

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@LOT_Airlines Left my laptop on-board of flight (WAW→HAM). Thanks to your crew for returning it to Lost & Found. Dziękuję!

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What’s new in :…. Bummer, no getUserMedia yet. // (link via @mikewest)

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3.9… infers types of articles w/o infobox w/ an algo described in an paper:…

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Marcel Reich-Ranicki, a Polish-born German literary critic and member of the literary group Gruppe 47.

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smichelleism Thanks to a @WikiLiveMon Candidate alert, I now know a page exists that tracks death.…

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Batch-convert PDFs to JPEGs and extract text from PDFs:…. My for, required for .

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Had to miss out on this time, but here’s the social network recap via . // CC: @jsconfeu >

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Note to self: finally learn from the ground up, not just the bare minimum:…, motivated by .

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@vidatalk Thanks for the pointer. Definitely useful as long as you stay within the scope of the templates. I need more customization, tho.

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alignedleft @tomayac You’re quite welcome! So glad to know it’s helpful. Check out the book for more:…

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Working through the great () tutorial by @alignedleft: Thanks for making it freely available!

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Paul_Kinlan What the “a” means next to Google Chrome Canary’s menu button

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tobie Great post on Yahoo! logo redesign:… (via @Medium).

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Refresh finder by @soderhavet_com is an incredibly handy tool to refresh Finder w/ stubborn network resources…

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somebitsLinks Schneier crypto advice: Advice from an expert on what to do now that NSA has its fingers in everything

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From the good learning experience that forms strong characters dept.: coded the 2.0 dance for…

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nicolastorzec Topsy has indexed the 425 billion tweets published since 2006 and made them freely available for Search:…

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MikeSaurbaugh Google confirms it’s working on an update to fix Google Authenticator for iOS data losses… via @TheNextWeb

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Reg. prev. tweet, providing PDFs is required for thesis submission by my university…

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PDF archive of my published papers, completing my Google Scholar profile…

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LiquidNewsroom The New York Times uses social media data to predict content consumption: Insights from big data, by @sinanaral…

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The aftermath as seen by . Chancellor vs. candidate for chancellor .

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