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February 2014

TomDeNies @RubenVerborgh defending his PhD at the aula in Ghent. The crown on 3,5 years of research! Congrats!

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@void_0 Great! While my MacBook Pro had forgotten my screen setup immediately after the update, it worked fine ever since, incl. reboots.

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RubenVerborgh My PhD “Serendipitous Web Applications through Semantic Hypermedia” is now available online!…

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~RT @RubenVerborgh: Glad that I crossed paths w/ @tomayac & @sethvanhooland [……hz Couldn’t agree more, friends+research

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Started incorporating @JSHint commit hooks into my Git workflow, following a best practice of @RubenVerborgh…

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Addendum to my prev. tweet…: 2/28—PhD defense day!—also happens to b@RubenVerborghgh’s birthday! Gelukkige verjaardag!

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Today’s the day of @RubenVerborgh’s defense! Wishing you all the best, cand. Ph.D. Verborgh!… (req. FB login)

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@HeidiTworek Hi Heidi, happened to catch your tweet… Apparently things’re going well for you in…5X Congrats! Tom

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@void_0 Same here. Thought someone had messed with my marked screen cables, but it’s indeed a bug in 10.9.2.

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Today’s is truly genius:… Make sure to bookmark this URL, it always points to the correctly rotated version.

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Newsweek Half of all edits to Wikipedia are made by bots — and that’s a good

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seen via obviously dominates Twitter w/ 10.9.2 & 7.0.6 finally released.

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brucel “Nothing terrifies me more than an app … in desperate pursuit of revenue w. full access to everything on my…Qq

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The ! program makes interesting datasets for non-commercial use available:

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RT @somebitsLinks: Apple’s SSL bug: Simple typo; bad thing is no code review nor testing caught it // if (cond) {…}

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‘use strict’;—Improvet by enforcing strict rules. One of the better articles on the…Y

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WikiLiveMon Candidate: [Edits: 13, Editors: 8, Langs: 5, Stories:…,…]

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The bot @mediagalleries is back—it posts media galleries auto-generated for@WikiLiveMonns candidates. It was down due to a bug…

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Hijacked plane story. Twitter custom timeline via @chabotc…. Media gallery via

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RubenVerborgh In , you don’t just do.
You always try, then catch—knowing you’ll never catch anything.

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—Get Accepted or Die Tryin’… Weaving the Web(VTT) of Data // C@hfmuehleisense@RubenVerborghrg@pchampinpi@benoit_encellell@yprierie

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hfmuehleisen Breaking news picture galleries based on edits as @Twitter feed: @mediagalleries by @tomayac!

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From of @CommonCrawl: “We strive to be transparent in all of our operations.”—Any info on the crawl strategy? Vague…

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@rtroncy @silviapfeiffer Not a single one… We’re working on a paper at the moment.

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@silviapfeiffer .srt: 390; & dynamic stuff that may be (/includes/assets/vtt/?f=/2013/CLIP_JBU_LR/) or not (/videos/1095/captions).

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Of the 1,456 <track> (…), distrib. of src attrib: matches /.(web)?vtt$/i: 66, other: 1390. @silviapfeiffer

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Of the 1,456 <track> (…), distrib. of kind: captions: 915, subtitles: 525, chapters: 2, (rest invalid). @silviapfeiffer

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Stats from @hfmuehleisen’s & my recent @CommonCrawl analysis on the Winter 2013 dataset: <video>: 2,963,766; out of which w/ <track>: 1,456.

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techreview The Shadowy World Of Wikipedia’s Editing Bots

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GeppettoAvatars Wikidata’s editing bots are now not just editing but also authoring.… Watch it happening here:

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Bugs that bite-X Finder lets you create file names with a ‘/’…f. Still banging my head.orNIX

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An interesting photo gallery layout algorithm used over at @YahooTech described in detail here:… (CC: @Vjeux)

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support is incredibly bad: a character’s more than a-zA-Z in the age of .… to the rescue.

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WxAnalyst Wikipedia Live Monitor going too fast for me to keep up; it’s as if there’s some major sporting event happening or something.

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@seenco Merci! Just realized that maybe the app isn’t UTF8-enabled?! Tried , but… searches for #2014 instead.

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mstrohm Social Curation in Pinterest: Specialization, Homophily, and Gender:…

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TwitterData : Оцените самые популярные олимпийские фотографии в Твиттере…

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Watching the on a (still) private @WikiLiveMon build, like, literally :-)…

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sw12 Search 400+ Chrome developer videos – now with clickable, human-readable

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@StuartJRitchie @JohnRentoul Already exists:, then add a rule to replace “Which books have you read” :-) De rien.

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JohnRentoul Joy. My “Whom to follow” Chrome extension works on the new Twitter design… Thx @tomayac

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changing their logo apparently is social media news-worthy :-) (via )

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@mstrohm @ph_singer Great paper (RT’ed y’day already)! For arXiv, you should add the DOI (PDF in email “IW3C2 Copyright Release Form […]”).

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cramforce Not so subtle Google Doodle

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sklaporte @ReaderMeter Introducing the Wikimedia Data Grants Program: Congratulations, you are accepted, here you go:

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@rtroncy Right in the link—“GitHub warns you when you push a file larger than 50MB. We’ll reject pushes containing files larger than 100MB.”

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tip: had committed a file too large for @github some local commits ago. Mess :-( BFG Repo-Cleaner to the rescue…

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ph_singer Preprint of our paper about Reddit’s evolution (out- vs. self-reference) is online:…

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@seenco Use the pushState API… to switch between All/Photos/Tweets on Seen pages. Let me link to each section. Merci!

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@seenco Small typo on “When relevant and treDNing topics are detected”

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wsREST We’ve just sent out notification for… Congrats, looking forward to seeing you all! @WWW2014_Korea

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wsREST We’re collecting last reviews & hope to be sending out notifications on Feb. 5. Thanks to all reviewers for their detailed reviews!

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abursuc Insider advice for getting a job at Google for PhD students…

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@LeonDerczynski Thx. Tweets work fine for months now, only permanent archiving in a Google Group didn’t find the placet of G’s abuse filter…

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Amazing to what extent is dominated by 2nd-screens, here depicted by for “Auf ewig Dein”. @Tatort

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My Track poster “Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins” pre-published on arXiv: @WikiResearch

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somebitsLinks Yahoo building search?: Rumors of early projects

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@tkurz Thanks for your URI parser! Great :-) Tiny remark: s/regional/spatial/i because… @rtroncy

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