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January 2011

@mahemoff @cramforce “We both learned something very valuable for each other’s projects” << You mean you had beer? ;-)

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@webr3 No Content-Length header in XHR says the spec ( @zemanta, you return HTTP 411 if it isn’t included. What now?

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@webr3 A q. wrt. xhr: on line 270 of XMLHttpRequest.js you exclude “content-length” from allowed headers. Why? req. content-length.

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@webr3 (Sorry, catching up only now, weekend = family quality time) Same impression here, o3-fastxml seems like the most advanced lib.

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Instead of (@)rev use (@)rel instead, w/ an opposite term (e.g., instead of rev=”made”, use rel=”author”): Good!

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Wrote @webr3 in I didn’t realize that (@)rev was entirely obsolete & mustn’t be used by
authorsTML5 //RDFa

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@webr3 Wow. Literally all libs from ? If so, bummer! What’s the most advanced XML lib then? Can the feature be added?

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@webr3 Didn’t check namespaces yet, sorry. Did you consider adding xhr.responseXML to your xhr implementation using e.g. node-o3-fastxml?

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@cramforce Have to use XML from an academic “legacy” Web service. Good thing is: after last nite’s code session I offer the service w/ JSON.

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@elazar @webr3 Yepp, exactly. Nothing to add than a “+1”.

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@cramforce Main issue for a node.JS newbie: find, e.g., /the/ XML lib or /the/ XHR lib (prior tweets for my findings). Plus not all on npm.

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After some struggling found node-o3-fastxml to be a node.JS XML lib that mostly works like DOMParser.

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Once again profiting from @webr3’s work. Forked his XHR (XMLHttpRequest) for node.JS: I owe this mate > a beer. =>

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Unit tests for mediafragments.js done ( Now digging into node.JS & Express ( Code sPhD.

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@vaskointeractv If you follow the tutorial in my orig. tweet, it’s straight forward & easy. Used the official reference, too. Good framework

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manusporny Today’s RDFa meeting (responses to @JeniT comments, one RDFa profile to rule them all):

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Coding unit tests for mediafragments.js ( w/ the ( framework. Tutorial

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@webr3 LOL, I knew you’d like it: Grateful that I may work in the open! You’re entirely right, that’s the future!

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Released mediafragments.js under CC0 1.0 (@webr3) as ACTION-203. Thx, @cramforce!

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Made a quantum leap: learnt the module pattern. I had @cramforce as teacher & there’s Life-long learning…

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aemkei New in Google labs: Unread message icon -…

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RT @manusporny: Yahoo! analysis: is now the most used data markup format (510% growth last year): via @pmika

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@lysander07 @yovisto Thanks for your time & constructive feedback! Looking forward to the co-op! Welcoming Nadine, Jörg, you(?) on March 10!

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@martijnbeijk For sure you know the Google Refine extension:, only RDF/XML & Turtle, tho. Guess this won’t help.

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Welcoming @arnaudbrousseau as our new (French!) Google Hamburg intern. Thrilled to have him on board starting on March 1. Bienvenu Arnaud!

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@esquimalapps Your app has changed status: waiting for review! This was just 6 months ago. Congrats! Fingers crossed!

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redsn0w_testers Ported Monte back to 4.1 kernel (SHSH blobs). Next step: porting it forward to 4.3beta!

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mattcutts Matt Welsh has a good blog post: Does Google do “research”?

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@aemkei Yepp, this is awesome. It actually was accurate enough, we used it while in Shanghai. Wish Google Maps would add this feature :-)

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@cramforce Is VNC fast enough? Then probably yes, there’s an app for that :-) Saved me access to my data when my screen was broken…

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RT @PaulMiller: Nice follow-up to @gkob’s post from @danja ; “Some Problems,”

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@kojote Eben via @portenkirchner erfahren… Schließe mich natürlich an! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Gilt grad noch (23:46).

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gkob “making linked data work isn’t the problem”. my thoughts about what’s wrong with the development

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Looking forward to meeting @lysander07 from the @yovisto team on Monday at HPI Potsdam. I’ll present there. Synergies :D

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Put a humans.txt in your site’s root folder right next to the robots.txt, cause the is for humans: (via @mahemoff)

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filiwiese am waiting quite a while for compiling, reminds me of:…

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rtroncy LOL! RT @LarryPage I just ousted Eric Schmidt as the mayor of Google!

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@cramforce Seen this:…? @streamie mobile issue, too? Symptoms are the same at least.

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@rtroncy Sure thing. Working on my ACTION, too.

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dalmaer HTML^H5: What it means to developers, standardistas, and browser vendors: As soon as you read HTML is the new HT…

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@hfmuehleisen Thanks for the pointer. Will check and forward internally. tsingtaoCount++. // PS: Monday, Jan. 24 me at HPI. See you there?

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Reviewing the spec working draft: for spatial, temporal & track-based addressing of media resources.

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saurik Okay! Moved most of Cydia’s site to the new database/index, and the first new feature using it is online: a “what do I already own” list. ;P

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@ststaab Ask them what they had for breakfast & let them tweet openly about it ;-)

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@gkob It does hurt, but there’s hope: see Thanks for fixing it in advance! // CC: @anjeve

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@rtroncy C’est la vie… Thanks for wishing me luck.

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@moustaki @terraces “Good luck” > Thanks! I lived for 1.5 years in France, so I know the French strike culture well enough ;-) Charming…

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@terraces Lucky you! French Lufthansa ground crew on strike, all CDG Lufthansa flights canceled. In lovely Roissy now in an anonymous hotel.

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saurabhsahni Yahoo! Fast Pass – Sign in on Yahoo! with Facebook and Google

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aemkei Damn, Sight - the syntax highlighter for Chrome - is pretty awesome! Install it now:…

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Aptana A great day for devs! Appcelerator acquires Aptana. Over 1.5 million devs strong. Joint IDE coming in March.

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OH at : “What wants to do with is not very clear, just like everything else Google does.” // LOL

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@dakoller If you happen to get one and happen to receive new ones, thanks for sharing one with me :-)

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Open Graph Inspector’s a nice Chrome extension to visualize triples:

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In his tutorial @fabien_gandon reminds that the 1st version of the Web was a read-write Web that had typed links.

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andreascon Ground-breaking: Amazon to set prices for paid Android apps Retailers will elevate apps retailing to a science.

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The slides from my talk on are available at…. Long live Jacques Brel!

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RT @ivan_herman: Finished my keynote at conf. in Paris: “État des travaux en cours au et perspectives”

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Stumbled (via @codepo8) upon : http://universalsubtitle…. Crowd-sourcing subs client-side. Useful for

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Preparing my slides sporting a non-trivial amount of Jacques Brel. Excited. “Regarde bien, petit”

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On my way to Paris ( for my talk tomorrow, 15:30. ToDo: slide deck :-)

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beverloo The WebM team will be publishing plugins for Safari and IE9, adding support for their codec

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RT @jerem: Happy to have contributed to — looking good! // +1

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“The Web loves openness. Users love functionality.”, @dalmaer on Google dropping support in .

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@RobVesse It’s OK for a lab tutor to think that, I guess. You probably shouldn’t tweet it, though ;-) I had fun three years as a tutor…

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@webr3 How the hell can one have /this/ problem ;-) Being ironic?

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Rescuing a hard disk w/ the awesome ddrescue tool ( instructions On a rel. note getting a Pro account.

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