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June 2014

-licensed movie “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” (@aaronsw):… (via @danbri)

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haikuman I actually read @facebook’s PNAS paper and wrote up a layman-friendly synopsis and analysis: (cc: @mrogati)

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The Compact Language Detector lib from Google—used inm &e—ported

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The most popular moments from yesterday’s keynote as seen by Social Media Illustrator, developed for .

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, an open-source graph, inspired by the graph db behind & Google’s :

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gets a shout-out during the keynote. Congrats, @eturner303!

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In the EU, we think of how to reduce standby power consumption of TVs. Elsewhere, they think of how to make use of TVs’ 19h idle time..14

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Shameless plug: we’re hiring for technical positions in Hamburg & elsewhere, ping me (tomacATgoogleDOTcom)…

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It’s , watching the keynote at the event in Hamburg: ( on an iPad)

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First Annual Award for Excellence in Being Very Smart—May you continue to grace our Internet with your

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andymcfee WOW! Device sizing and network throttling in Chrome DevTools is live in Chrome Canary! This is AWESOME!

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A list of third-level domains like co•uk or com•au maintained by Mozilla volunteers…. Details

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.@ayman on the selection process for the dataset: [I]t’s as fair a random selection […] of the photos in those license groups.

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.@YahooLabs make “one of the largest public multimedia datasets ever” available—therC…b

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WebSciConf proceedings now available!…

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Added to my list of all-time favorites: throwing rocks

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manusporny Creator of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, marries:

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howard Wow. Google Gets Into Domain Sales

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@Zidd0 I guess everybody takes this photo :-) Enjoy the trip!

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~RT @LeaVerou: The color rebeccapurple—honoring@meyerwebb’s daughter—landed iit! Demo…SC /IP :-(

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@nelson The @EFF are fighting for your freedom to jailbreak _your_ device. Also check Firewall IP by the same author:…

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AmrapaliZ PHD comics’ Jorge Cham on misery, hope and academia (Wired UK)… @PHDcomics Soo relatable !!

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@linclark Congratulations, Lin Clark, MA!

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sclopit would like a phone with dedicated button: when you see an item you like, tells you why you don’t need it & puts amount in long term saving

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SSH remote-rebooting a Mac w/ FileVault 2 w/o physical access is not an option. Entering “sudo fdesetup authrestart”:…

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pgroth TeX Live 2014 released - what’s new…

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Free book on verifying social media content (not only) for emergency coverage > via @kwelle CC:@RevealEU

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Searching for [“Your system has run out of application memory” “10.9.3” “kernel_task”]—Anybody else?sX

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richardjapenga @brucel I run bash scripts to create those .DS_Store files and commit them so everybody thinks I have a mac.

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Probably the best feature in 8 beta 2: no auto-jump to App Store:…. Put the user first!

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Pleased that my extended “Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins (Redux)” paper got accepted to :

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Yahoo! workforce :…. Also: ethnicity is a hard word to spell right. Ehniticy Ehnicity

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~RT @ebidel: Interacting w/ (Google) services using nothing but HTML // . CC: @pchampin @yprie

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paul_irish Use `debug(fn)` in your console to break inside functions.…

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iswc2014 call for Semantic Web Challenge is out!!!…

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~RT @mediagalleries:… Gallery Ukrainians take their “Putin khuilo!” (P’s a d*head) to Wikipedia

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~RT @olafhartig: [A]n alternative, more user-friendly approach to reification // Also see…

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@juansequeda Is your connection fast enough for @zattoo? Need a Swiss/German proxy, though… StilSA 0:up

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@rtroncy I hope @realschumacher (fan account?) can consciously enjoy the 2018…

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MarkusLanthaler @Gkellogg … and a bug fix:…

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New feature: qualify relations by means of schema:Role ( Blog post:…

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Entity Linking meets Word Sense Disambiguation… Demo Powered by BabelNet

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nelson Using simple_statistics.js from @tmcw. First time I’ve understood what the covariance coefficient actually is.

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My “Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins” app ( now considers IP v6 anons:…

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marcmasdeu Today’s brilliant strip alluding to Fermat’s Last Theorem.

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Facebook now uses your browser history for ads. Here’s opt out on , , & desktop:…

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aparrish awesome guest lecture from @ndiakopoulos today, talking about twitter infobots like @NYT4thDownBot, @WikiLiveMon, @NailbiterBot, @TreasuryIO

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lilcoccinelle Delicious watermelon jam

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Google’s visual asset guidelines:… (indirectly via @vinoaj)

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JuergenMusil Also check out: “ vs. , Anons vs. Logged-ins”

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.@WikiLiveMon & @mediagalleries at their best: detected David Brat’s surprise victory over Eric Cantor:

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FredericJacobs iOS 8 randomises the MAC address while scanning for WiFi networks. Hoping that this becomes an industry standard.

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thesis has now been disseminated on TDX (Theses & Dissertations Online):…; see bottom for PDF.

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RubenVerborgh Impressed by @iswc2014, who are offering a Best Reviewer Award. Good to see incentives to provide great reviews!

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“In Use” track (…) reviews done. Despite the scores, still learned from the papers, paper bidding FTW!

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@dianamaynard @arkaitz I guess they already know this—and other—aspects of your life. </sarcasm>

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~RT @arkaitz: US Secret Service seeks Twitter sarcasm detector… // A pity that @dianamaynard is a Brit ;-)

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Applauding Liu et al. for making all legally possible data of their $TWTR paper… avail.:

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mathias JSNice is a very impressive JavaScript deobfuscator. It even renames variables and parameters quite accurately.

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Google-made Chrome extension adds end-to-end to email based on & the JavaScript Crypto API:

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Quickly put together yt-html5:…. Usage: /video/{YouTube_video_ID}. Your mileage may vary..bL5

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@WaldorfSixpence Hi there. I just used their forum: (you need to be logged in from the suspended account).

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Thanks @TwitterDev for reestablishing @TwitterAPI write access for @mediagalleries :-) It’s all up and running again.

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While @mediagalleries is in “Twitter API—write suspended” mode, you can follow@WikiLiveMonn & see media galleries onwikipedia-live-monitor.herokuapp.com9.

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.@TwitterDev have suspended @TwitterAPI write access of my bot @mediagalleries. Here’s my plea to reestablish it:…

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