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July 2016

Evergreen dash showing always yesterday’s top Wikipedia pages by Desktop, Mobile App & Web.…

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@samwalton9 I toyed around w/ it a bit and it’s fascinating as a dataset. Just added a protocol parameter for https.

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Thanks to @samwalton9’s feature request, Wikipedia Tools (…) now have a WIKILINKSEARCH method.

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Email password recovery steps of both @WEBDE & @GMX consist of hints for recovering passwords stored in browsers or a 3.99€ hotline. 👹

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Rainy 🌧 lonely Sunday, but on the bright side time to fix GitHub Issues w/ my Node.js local-reverse-geocoder: 🌍… 🗺

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random_forests Really enjoying this excellent book by @michael_nielsen - many thanks for this!

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@ChromeDevTools @addyosmani Why is type of Service Worker scripts “javascript”, vs. “script” for regular scripts? 🤔

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@slidrio Duh, indeed. Seems like I picked the worst-possible random example ;-) It’s working fine with… 👍 Thanks!

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@RobinDrexler @slidrio ?embed 😀 portrait/landscape, 😕 suboptimal screen real estate use.

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@RobinDrexler @slidrio Thanks for the hint, but I fail to find an “embed” functionality; crucial for my use case (…).

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Of all popular slide hosting sites (LinkedIn’s SlideShare, Google Slides, GitHub’s Speaker Deck), Speaker Deck works the least on mobile 😥.

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marissamayer Thank you, @jelenawoehr! I follow you, miss working with you, and miss your posts on d-r :)…

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“Man is to […] Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings”—Paper on Machine-Learned…MDZ [PDF]

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Microsoft’s @codepo8 on why ChakraCore—Microsoft’s alternative (to V8) JavaScript engine for Node.js—…0Q +1

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methode If you’re a news publisher, we put together a short FAQ that might be in your interest when you move to HTTPS.…

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Academic Paper Title: Should It Contain Questions—Behold Semicolons; Or Even Dashes? [cf recursively quoted…oFj

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@RubenVerborgh It’s great fun. Downside is that it’s using an elderly WebKit, so -webkit-* & webkit*()it is. But:… 👌

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notwaldorf I made a thing that turns an image into emoji pixels! Which you can upload to a gist! 🙆🎉


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@YahooResearch Confirmed working now, before didn’t redirect to… as it does now. Thanks :-)

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A 💧-in (quite literally) Web Component by @notwaldorf that adds emoji rain to sites: Because we can. <emoji-rain>

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.@notwaldorf on building cross-platform consistent <input>s (think type=”range”) w/ Web Components:…. Crucial:

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mathias 🎉 Unicode property escapes are coming to JavaScript regular expressions!…

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Great and accessible for newbies (like me) intro to neural networks and how to make use of them in TensorFlow:…

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@andreapernici @cramforce @pbakaus Not yet, but the relevant people have been pinged.

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jeffposnick Keep Google Analytics working, even when your web app is offline:…

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zeynep Instead of “AKP emails”, Wikileaks dumped private info of ALMOST EVERY WOMAN in Turkey Yes.…

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The academic travel ban-@RT_Erdogann—is a shame! The RT in the Twitter handle stands for ReTweet, so the world…5R

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WebKit to finally allow muted autoplaying inline video, as animated GIF is the possibly worst video codec…3r

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Apart from everything is awesome & tremendous corp speak, the core bit is that @marissamayer is “planning to stay”.…

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TL;DR for change <content>→<slot> needed, but @shadow_hayato’s v0→v1 Shadow DOM doc is top:….…

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How SOASTA & Google used Machine Learning to Predict Bounce Rate & Conversions…

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igrigorik how many bytes do we need to encode a 1px image? too many: - interesting under the hood peek at different containers

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🤔 Am I the only one missing emoji predictions that were introduced in iOS 10 Beta 2, but gone again in Beta 3?

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smashingmag Dominant Colors for Lazy-Loading Images? Solved. A detailed article.…

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@RubenVerborgh I guess Facebook want to annoy people out of clicking thru to YouTube videos (= loose context) in favor of FB-hosted videos.

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@RubenVerborgh WTF? Coming from Echofon (my Twitter client of choice) and opening it inline & Safari all worked OK.

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Fascinating to follow the 8-Bit Guy as he explains how old school floppy disks worked… 💾 Highly recommended channel.

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In the future, you might want to add rel=”noopener” to your outbound links for improved performance and security:….

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igrigorik WebP team has been quietly plugging away at improving quality and speed.. e.g: - great to see it paying off!

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If you’re into @adwords API reporting, my latest Node.js library might be for you:….

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Two new exciting Cloud APIs released:… for Natural Language Processing & for Speech to Text.

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Share URLs w/ a Mac by broadcasting them as a Physical Web Eddystone URL Bluetooth Beacon (w/o a physical beacon):…

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rachelnabors Motion Detection with JavaScript:

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aemkei Releasing…


Translate JavaScript to other writing systems!

# ΔYロIᗐコΞ

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CloudFour The Business Case for Progressive Web Apps…

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ponyfoo 📰 Extra! Extra!
🍰 ServiceWorker: A Basic Guide to BackgroundSync
✍ By @DeanoHume

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Happy that theWikipedia Tools (…) have served you well :-D…

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An ESLint configuration enforcing the Google JavaScript style by guide (…) by @sindresorhus:…

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rasbt Colorizing b/w photos with a deep convolutional neural nets: useful (and impressive).…

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Portrait of some of Yahoo!’s earliest “Surfers”, the team who organized the company’s Web directory:… (via @informor)

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ReoCities archives the remainders of GeoCities…, e.g., this note to Yahoo! for adding a page….

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Great post by @Paul_Kinlan on some of his Web dev visions. WRT more bug reports: I like….…

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There is no such thing as free lunch, not even with HTTP/2:… (via @andreapernici, CC: @igrigorik)

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Alexei_Simakov The profound irony of (in hiding) using Twitter to call on his supporters to take to the streets, after trying to ban it for years

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somebitsLinks Facebook diversity comment: More details of disappointment

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Moved to Web Sockets w/ the Wikipedia screensaver:…. Speech synthesis depends on getVoices():…

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Improved compatibility of my 💬 Wikipedia screensaver:…. Talking fine now on iOS/Android/PC.

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Interesting @zackbloom post again on the history of image maps:… Subscribe to their RSS feed:

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@ericlaw @igrigorik Duh, thanks. It’s straight in the FAQ even… To me defense, I was on mobile, on desktop now…

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Fun game by @flukeout to learn basic to very advanced selectors: (via [subscribe!])

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igrigorik using Zopfli to optimize PNG images: - hooray compression!

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@igrigorik Do you happen to know if this is implemented in ImageOptim (

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ericclemmons 🔥 Clean up @github issues with the HTML5 <details> tag —…

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CSS variables put to creative use: @zackbloom’s “Communicating Between JavaScript and CSS Using CSS Variables”:…

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Custom Elements v1 is seriously upping the ante, and browser support is coming along nicely.…

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GNUmanth gets a re-write with @polymer special thanks to @shidhincr & @gokul_i 🤓

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The Primary Sources Tool (initially focused on migrating @fbase to @wikidata) has a new owner—Wikidata!…Q.

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: TreeWalker (…) unlike NodeIterator (…) only considers visible nodes. Added to @MozDevNet.

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@RubenVerborgh Maybe @github favored speed(!) (everyone’s issue) over cross-system look & feel consistency (few’s issue [citation needed]).

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addyosmani ChromeLens helps develop for the visually impaired. ❤️ the keyboard-navigation flow tracing

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sfeir [Interview] : Google’s @addyosmani discuss tools & workflows for developers :…

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nicolastorzec Politwoops can display deleted tweets from Politicians but PostGhost can’t display those from popular Verified Users

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The Apollo 11 lunar landing code is now on GitHub:…. Cool accompanying background story:….

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Finally managed to read “The languages which almost were CSS”:…. A great(!) history lesson on how standards are made.

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Thanks, @maguay, for mentioning my Google Sheets add-on Wikipedia Tools. Very useful list of add-ons!…

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Good reminder blog post on the mighty console API in Web browsers to ease your debugging:…

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DasSurma A good infinite scroller has a few technical challenges. So we wrote one in vanilla JS and blogged about it!…

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Interesting detail of the Firefox search deal struck by @marissamayer in case Mozilla don’t like the buyer of Yahoo:…

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@Paul_Kinlan You meant VoiceXML apps @Business_Kinlan was building I guess?!

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“On modern hardware GIF is the slowest and most expensive video codec. Can we please allow it to be obsoleted?”

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Turning Progressive Web Apps into @electronjs desktop apps:…. @dalmaer’s dream come true?!…

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Blog post by @mikegbabb on data saving opportunities w/ <picture> and WebP:… (via @brucel’s…)

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kdzwinel I made a webpage showing off our small library of UI components. They are pretty, they are open and they are fast 🤘

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Use cases for the :target CSS pseudo-class, e.g., combined w/ <mark> (…) to highlight searches…

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100% support in the latest Safari Technology Preview Release 8:…. Come on, Apple, you can do Service Worker!

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igrigorik handy ServiceWorker 101 infographic! source:

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mozhacks “It works on my machine” isn’t good enough. 43% of your visitors aren’t using Chrome.

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Great write-up by @DasSurma’s on his quest of getting HTTP/2 Server Push (…) to work:…

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I have a hard time remembering some more obscure selectors. Turns out the cheat sheet is right in the spec:…

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@andreapernici @pbakaus 🤔 Define “owned”? [offline now, but would like to continue the discussion later]

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@andreapernici @pbakaus +1. An often forgotten aspect of @AMPhtml is its cache: Common denominator, not downgrade.

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@andreapernici @pbakaus All that being said, @AMPhtml is still limited, e.g., I can’t have <base> in (or comments).

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@andreapernici @pbakaus The issue isn’t basic static pages, but devs using poorly implemented code, e.g., greedily loading image carousels…

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pbakaus About that “mobile” in Accelerated Mobile Pages: Embracing AMP to build a single, canonical responsive site.…

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Maybe not running for “shortest paper”, but @RubenVerborgh & I’re up for “shortest abstract”……

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googledevs New ep. of Machine Learning Recipes: “Train Your Own Image Classifier” by @random_forests:

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addyosmani Catch the @ChromeDevTools

Dark Theme 🕶
Security Panel 🛡
& whats new in Elements 🖌

in a new Totally Tooling Tips…

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codinghorror Super impressed with the Win10 emoji set… — can anyone at MSFT tell me if we can distribute it under open source?

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russellsavage Leverage tech in your campaigns with this…

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