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July 12th, 2016

CSS variables put to creative use: @zackbloom’s “Communicating Between JavaScript and CSS Using CSS Variables”:…

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Custom Elements v1 is seriously upping the ante, and browser support is coming along nicely.…

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GNUmanth gets a re-write with @polymer special thanks to @shidhincr & @gokul_i 🤓

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The Primary Sources Tool (initially focused on migrating @fbase to @wikidata) has a new owner—Wikidata!…Q.

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: TreeWalker (…) unlike NodeIterator (…) only considers visible nodes. Added to @MozDevNet.

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@RubenVerborgh Maybe @github favored speed(!) (everyone’s issue) over cross-system look & feel consistency (few’s issue [citation needed]).

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addyosmani ChromeLens helps develop for the visually impaired. ❤️ the keyboard-navigation flow tracing

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sfeir [Interview] : Google’s @addyosmani discuss tools & workflows for developers :…

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