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October 2014

dret what a wonderful pic: @timberners_lee: “I didn’t invent the Internet” & @vgcerf “I didn’t invent the Web”

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Fascinating read of the day…. Related: 1441 on Apollo retroreflectors

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The video of my talk on natural disaster monitoring w/ Wikipedia is online:…

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“Let’s remember 2014 as the year developers started taking back the Semantic Web.”-@RubenVerborghh…9

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After DBpedia (, now Wikidata, too, has a Linked Data Fragments interface:

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Keep them trip reports coming. Currently aware of @pgroth’s and my own:…. Getting more?

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@nassarhuda Not invented here, but over at @antimatter15’s…

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Building a Hackintosh w/ full OS X Yosemite support has gotten incredibly easy:…

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vambenepe “It is the right thing to do”, “[we want to be] a better citizen of the Web”, etc. Things you rarely read in 2014.…

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Wikipedia link network analysis w/ a few lines of Python, by @bkeegan:…

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kerfors Final touch on my live blog… from five intensive days last week at in lovely Riva del Garda

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earthoutreach Introducing Skybox for Good: a program to contribute fresh satellite imagery to nonprofit projects…

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~RT @LDFragments: Linked Data Fragments demo wins the best demo award at . Try the demo live: // Congrats

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banana moment up at the Sta. Barbara chapel w/ Team Belgium™-@natadimouu,@laurens_d_vv,

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RubenVerborgh Querying datasets on the Web with high availability – Slides for m14…Wx Demofragments.dbpedia.orgtM

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@TomDeNies rdfstore-js by @antoniogarrote is way mightier w/ full SPARQL support. TriplestoreJS is really just that and nothing else.

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An early prototype for 8.1 has been released by @PanguTeam. Here’s @saurik’s reaction:…

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TriplestoreJS—Basic client-side RDF triple store based on…t.…P4

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@iswc2014 student attendants are warmly welcomed to apply for the 2015 Google EMEA Anita Borg scholarship:

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Google added support for FIDO compatible USB security keys to its 2-Step Verification:… Keys:…

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gray_alasdair Great to be at a conference where the WiFi holds up with everyone in one room. Well done @iswc2014

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No Clicks, No Problem—paper by Huang et al. mentioned by keynote speaker Prabhakar…G4

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Researchers at Flickr have solved xkcd 1425 (—bird or…k

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Great(!) keynote by R. Navigli ( on BabelNet, Babelfy, Wikipedia Bitaxonomy & Games w/ a Purpose in DBpedia workshop.

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@wjarek Yeah, it’s amazing. Back then I knew some NASA interns who showed me the wind tunnels. Still stunned when I think back.

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@wjarek Wow, it was still open (but already scary) in ’05 when I interned at Google & lived at NASA Ames. Also the hangar wasn’t a skeleton.

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ReaderMeter “When Scholar was demoted from Google’s landing page, nobody told me”. Meet Google Scholar inventor Anurag Acharya…

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CaptSolo workshop was really exciting - well done @RubenVerborgh and the team! - reminded me of the FOAF Galway workshop 10yrs ago :)

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WikiResearch WikiCalendar shows Wikipedia pages trending in traffic on specific dates via @DrukAlex

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@SemWebDev discussion quote: “my answer to tl;dr is RTFM” :-)

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@kerfors If you excessively life-tweet, common pattern is to tweet to the conference Twitter profile, e.g., @iswc2014—only “spam” followers.

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SemWebDev Luca Matteis (@lmatteis) explains how to host queryable Linked Data… for…v114

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Much needed MicroSoft™ love by @codepo8:… “[Chrome Frame] had the adoption rate of Halal Kebabs at a Vegan festival.”

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karima_rafes Demo Natural Disaster Monitor (see the last tweet for the slides)

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Just presented my Wikipedia Disaster Monitoring work at the workshop at… @SemWebDev

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is definitely shutting down:… (via @ShinNoNoir). Here again my backup script:… :/

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IgorBrigadir @tomayac Lots and lots of criticism aimed at Anonabox lately:…

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A hardware open source-based plug & play Tor privacy networking device called Anonabox

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@philostar @stewhir Likewise, hadn’t heard of your work before :-D You should also check @informor’s works & commercialization @seenco.

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@stewhir @philostar I respectfully disagree memes’re unhelpful, tho. Often (w/ given context) they convey situations better than 1,000 pics.

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philostar “Picture the scene…”; Visually Summarising Social Media Events now available online at…

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@stewhir @philostar TY for the link; great work—I also covered most of it inD…z Love the meme detection!

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Very much looking forward to Citizenfour, upcoming Ed documentary:

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mathias The HTML `pattern` attribute just got more Unicode-friendly. It now uses the ES6 `u` flag:……

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umaar DevTools Tip: Use the “Is:running” Advanced Network Filter to see unfinished network requests.

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edsu @danbri you are awesome re: the $24…

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aemkei Here are the slides from my talk at :… – Thanks for all the great feedback after the show!

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Nice portrait of Google’s (her chosen title) “Security Princess” Parisa Tabriz (@laparisa):…

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brucel About to go all “Semantic ISIS” if I see another leading &ndash *inside* a cite element. (good job Hixie’s not here)

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jeremytai Jaguar is:
a. a car
b. an animal
c. an Apple OS

Semantics and Wikipedia in a 20% project with @tomayac

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Natural disaster monitoring w/ Wikipedia & Google Maps—Mys…S

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RevealEU New out: incl. video feat. @tomayac + @sympapadopoulos. Plus studies & services dealing with media

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CityLab Cartographies of disaster via @ReadReform

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PatrickMeier Statistical correlation between location of disaster tweets and location of actual disaster

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~RT @echen: Moving beyond CTR: better recommendations through human evaluation… // A ton to be learned here! Thanks!

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~RT @wsREST: Proposal for 2015 submitted. Fingers crossed! //

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mstrohm Drone shows thousands filling Hong Kong streets, /via @flowolf…

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@csarven Exactly :-) We’re on the same side! Gotta start small. Note the correction of my initial tweet. Cheers!

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@csarven Reg. publicly funded: you can still put ePub behind a paywall. Let’s not confuse things. Just have the discussion on an own thread.

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@csarven IMHO the debate should be had. Public on mailing lists. Correcting my tweet: debate, but w/o hijacking threads!? One arena instead.

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@csarven Have you considered fighting the PDF windmills off public mailing lists? Is it a fight worth dying for? Just publish your way :-)

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Looks like my beer order & advice made it on @seroundtable… :D… Send more 🍺!

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Oh, Googleversary—7 years at Google today *gets another coffee*. It could be your first day at Google next…P&

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@RubenVerborgh That’s what I thought. Thanks for clarifying.

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@RubenVerborgh Makes sense, I was just wondering… Mr. Promiscuous :-)

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Having fun w/ our Hypervideo Web Components for the Spectacle en Ligne(s) project w/ @pchampin @yprie @benoit_encelle

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