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January 2015

wsREST It’s the final hours before the Hawaiiiian deadline. Make sure to submit on time. We’re looking forward to a great workshop!

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The Ad Solutions Engineering team at Google is a stellar crowd of geeks. I mean it! And we’re hiring:…&.

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Cleansing w/ the LOD Laundromat & making it queryable w/…r

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@RubenVerborgh I have it installed for about a week now and not a single request…

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twitter .@jack has a few things to say about Twitter:…

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It means a lot when they sometimes try to listen anyway—and maybe even find themselves sharing some of my

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joernhees What are the top subjects, predicates and objects in DBpedia? Find out…

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If you can’t make sense of Yahoo’s transaction announcements…, here’s a column explaining it….

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This is big: YouTube now defaults to HTML5 <video>:…

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arnaudbrousseau My intern @ZainManji got close to native perf on the mobile web… @paul_irish @aerotwist @jonraasch: you guys helped!

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twitterapi Native video support in REST and Streaming API…

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Wasn’t aware of the CSS property “object-fit”:…. Especially “object-fit: cover;” seems super useful.

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~RT @nicolastorzec: [P]ersonal results (e.g. […] flights, events […]) in […] Yahoo search results &…XemaOrg

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Yahoo! to close down its Barcelona office… :-/ (via @pmika on Facebook…)

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@sympapadopoulos @mediagalleries @WikiLiveMon Thanks. Seen the blog post already via a tweet from Chief Elections Predictor @PFCdgayo ;-)

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Wish I could attend the . It sure looks like fun judging from the media gallery. Hi @rtroncy & @cwilso.

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Internet·org grant access to “basic services”…, so they tunnel Inet traffic thru FB Messenger…

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somebitsLinks Pirating the 2015 Oscars: Academy members only get DVD quality screeners, so pirates have moved on to HD sources

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wsREST Due to popular request, the WS-REST2015 deadline was extended to 31 January. Plenty of time to submit your work!

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ReaderMeter Is Wikipedia becoming a large source of dark traffic? (and a proposal to adopt a referrer policy)…

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mischat What a mega article about Teenagers and Social Media… HT to @zephoria for her excellent work over the years.

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In Textmate 2, is there a way to always show the file browser (aware of the keyboard shortcut, but I want it _always_ on)? CC: @macromates

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dret submit to the @wsREST workshop at @WWWfirenze if you’re interested in , , and web architecture!…

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wsREST Developing or researching Web APIs or working on Web services?
10 days left to submit your work to ! Looking for lessons learned.

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mariadelmas Astronauta a l’avió <3

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JSONresume looks like a powerful FOSS solution for maintainable & flexible resume management: (via @mahemoff on G+)

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Why we [YouTube/Google] are allowing videos of the Charlie Hebdo attack:…

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@_shengche OK, this explains it all. It’s just too heavy for Heroku’s free tier. Constantly high CPU & memory usage.

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Heavy editing on global Wikipedias for Charlie_Hebdo & Charlie_Hebdo_shooting clusters → @WikiLiveMon @mediagalleries

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ReaderMeter You can contribute to the discussion on the design of a public API for @wikidata:

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@_shengche where 123 is the port you run the app on (see command line message).

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@_shengche You can just use the tweets from @mediagalleries / @WikiLiveMon or quickly create your own instance: git clone, npm install.

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@_shengche Confirmed not working. Repeated hiccups then :-/ Might be sudden overload due to Charlie Hebdo. My private instance’s still up.

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@_shengche Thanks, seems to have auto-fixed itself. Small Heroku hiccup I guess.

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iamdevloper > vim footer.html

Happy New Year nerds 🍻

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