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April 2021

Monster Mash: A Sketch-Based Tool for Casual 3D Modeling and Animation:…. The demo is really impressive:

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@oliverturner @geoffreycrofte FWIW, here’s the waterfall of my blog, where I have implemented said splitting (and where this is a clearly over-engineered pattern), and it works just fine thanks to H/2:… (Yes, I need to fix my cach

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@oliverturner @geoffreycrofte An interesting idea for certain scenarios might be to inline the split files as data URLs. Like that you have a clear separation and no additional HTTP requests, at the expense of caching. With HTTP/2, request overhead often

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New arXiv paper 📄: Accessing HID Devices on the Web With the API: How to play the Chrome Dino Game by Jumping With a Nintendo Joy-Con Controller in One’s Pocket. 🦖 For @TheWebConf Developers Track.

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@geoffreycrofte @oliverturner For small sites I wouldn’t bother with separate files, but for typical large sites (think e-commerce sites for example) or high-performance sites (think Google) with dozens of rules needed to deal with special cases or load

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piccalilli_ 📣 New tutorial: “Build a fancy hover animation”

Learn how to use the power of CSS to take any collection of images and make them blend well together with a fancy interactive state.

It’s a proper fun one!…

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@DuckDuckGo In case anyone is interested in how FLoC block works, here’s @kdzwinel’s commit:….

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@igarshmyb @w3ctag There are plenty of implementations for Node.js and the browser:….

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@_boraturan As a Web developer, I would say: yes, this is a good thing. It’s slightly tongue in cheek of course calling this “Get the Android App”, but I like it.

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Looks like we’re getting closer to being able to obtain UUIDs directly from a Web platform API:

const uuid = crypto.randomUUID();
// “52e6953d-edbe-4953-be2e-65ed3836b2f0”

The @w3ctag review was just kicked off:….

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agektmr Want to build a biometric authentication UX with WebAuthn? Try it here
You can learn how to build it in a codelab…
It’s now a YouTube content (in Japanese, but with English caption)…

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“Get the Android App” button installs the PWA. That’s next level. I love ♥️ it! ⤵️…

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@DotProto Virtual hug 🫂. Wishing you strength!

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@hashseed @TimvdLippe @kennethrohde @TheNix @RasmusHjulskov This reminds me of a recent issue I had: while debugging step-by-step a `showOpenFilePicker()` operation, my user gesture expired (yeah, I’m a slow debugger). Maybe make the grace period…

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@kennethrohde @_zouhir Mini apps ( commonly have a way to detect when the user took a screenshot, e.g., here’s WeChat’s:…. I haven’t looked at the callback parameter, not sure if it allows the mini app

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@simevidas `:parent(levels)` where levels would default to one and let me determine the number of levels I want to go up in the DOM tree.

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Attending the 1st CJK Meeting on Mini Apps happening at the @w3c today. The slides of the meeting are available online:…. For an introduction to the topic, the organizers recommend (…) my series on mini apps (

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TomerAberbach Another package! `limit-concur`

Limit an async function’s concurrency with ease! Less than 400 bytes!!!…

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Oh, neat, my little app Wikipedia Around 📍( that was built for a PWA programming course with Palestinian developers is featured in Glitch’s blog post. ⤵️…

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🎉 Google has a date: May 18–20, all virtual and all It’s finally official.

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thinktecture See how was made, a web-based -/-clone of Microsoft Paint 🎨
In part 1 of the series, @christianliebel provides a project overview, explains the choice of , and discusses the app architecture.…

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@fcalderan @simevidas Not sure for `foreignObject`, but did some experiments on “regular” animated SVG favicons:….

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paul_irish Curious what CSS/JS/DOM features are now widely available? I made a lil webapp a few years ago based on @caniuse data to help visualize.… There’s some surprisingly ‘new’ features with >90% support.

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@JohnMu I know it as “Gartenzaun” (which is the German equivalent of “Gartenhag”) or “Raute(zeichen)”, but that it’s also called “Doppelkreuz”:…. Interestingly @chrismessina spoke of “pound” sign when he…

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@hj_chen @hdv Absolutely worth adding I think! This API fixes a big pain point with the old API. Thanks for writing this by the way!

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@davrous @jaroslawjarosik Duh, I stand corrected (sorry for the wrong partial answer). Thanks for chiming in. Clearly explained in….

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@zonzuJIro Using the old Edge, yes. The document describes the new integration that builds on the Chromium-based Edge (“Edgium”).

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@jaroslawjarosik Sorry, I don’t. Not an Electron developer myself.

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@hdv @hj_chen These not fun string operations are made obsolete with the Cookie Store API:… (polyfill:…). 🍪

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@jaroslawjarosik You can look at what PWA Builder does for the definitive answer. It’s also about confirming ownership.

I don’t have insights into what’s happening with this patch, sorry.

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@jaroslawjarosik It loads everything from the regular servers, the Microsoft Store just contains a “container” and metadata.

Not a Windows user myself, so can’t really speak to it, but there seem to be others who share the concern (and solutions)…

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@jaroslawjarosik > delayed updates


> being forced to use OS default webview that has its own consequences like poor text rendering in case of anything chromium based on Windows

True (rest: opinion)

> storage separated between browser and PWA


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@jaroslawjarosik It’s a bit of an inconvenience for developers (improved by PWA Builder), but from a user’s perspective, what gets taken away? They may be not even aware that they are using a Web app, so maybe Web awareness.

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@rob_dodson Also came across this recently but saw that @slightlylate (of course) has already shared it.

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@gokul_i You absolutely don’t need to; the Microsoft Store is just another distribution channel that users might be looking at when discovering apps. One advantage is ratings, so you can see what others think about the experience before you engage.

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Great integration of the Web Share Target API in the WordPress ecosystem: ⤵️…

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@RickByers @shubhie @addyosmani Make it “awesome” in the US, and leave it at “good” for Europe. 😂

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excalidraw Those of you that dabble in some hardware from time to time will appreciate these new libraries featuring wiring diagrams and Arduino boards by Richard kj Cross. ❤️

Check them out on

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Publish your Progressive Web App to the Microsoft Store: “[Your app] uses the Hosted App Model, with Microsoft Edge powering your PWA. In this model, your PWA uses modern web capabilities while functioning as a Windows app”. I ♥️ how MS embraces…

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@mgiuca Ah, this one works. Props that they kept it alive. Thanks!

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aemkei I’m fascinated by this simple formula to create bit fields that look like alien art:

(x ^ y) % 9

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@fernap3 This will be possible with the launch event API:….

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Great summary by Microsoft of recent experimental Progressive Web App features that you can test in Edge (and Chrome).…

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feross We worked super hard on this for the past two months!

If you like it, please give us an upvote on Product Hunt so more people can try it out.…

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@mhartington Paging @sw12, but probably snoozing the page until after the Easter break.

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@danbri We once called and a clothes drying rack had knocked out the phone cable. 🤦‍♂️

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@danbri @edent @ian @cydharrell @ThePatHayes @GaryMarcus Pssst, don’t tell anyone: Sorry, oldie but goldie, couldn’t resist.

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@Accudio Still unlearning it myself, especially since English is a second language for me, and I have been imitating what people do whose first language is English. Favorite video in this context: 😂

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@Accudio Thanks for the mention 😊. One thing though: some of the “guys” on your list are women. Alternative tweet: “Check all of these folks out, they’re all brilliant and I have learnt valuable stuff from all of them ♥️”

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Debug Core Web Vitals in the field, by ⁦@philwalton:⁩….

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Best practices for cookie notices, by @katiehempenius:…. Probably the most complete guide you can read on this topic! 🍪

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev Yeah, thanks for digging! So my suspicion was correct. Starring the bug. ⭐️

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev I think this is not yet implemented, the explainer talks about the fact that “the API may” here:…

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UriShaked My IRL Chrome T-Rex game now doubles as a decorative clock in our living room! 🦖⏰

Source code for the clock (JS):
Blog post:

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@UriShaked @reillyeon Wow, this looks super beautiful! 🤩 I would attend a conference where this were the swag!

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev It works perfectly fine for me with the `chrome://flags/-transition` flag set while using Chrome Canary version 91.0.4464.5 (Official Build) canary (x86_64). Nice work by the way! :-)

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@jeffposnick @DasSurma Jeffy, since your first language is English, would you intuitively say “will be” or “going to”?…

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@ebidel @ChromiumDev Don’t forget to set the `chrome://flags/-transition` flag!

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@reillyeon Is it skeuomorphism that this thing simulates LCD clock numbers when it could draw perfectly round numbers? For the “documenting this” part: @UriShaked has written a couple of really good guides, e.g.,….

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@DotProto Nope. It’s also impossible to base64-encode the service worker script as a data URL, which works with regular web workers:…. This is so you can’t shoot yourself in the foot and end up with a never-updating service work

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@DasSurma Now I’m geeking out if it should be “Who’s going to be a millionaire?” or rather “Who’ll be a millionaire?”. Instinctively I’d say “will be”, since it’s an unpredictable guess. English is hard! FWIW the “will be” varian

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@miketaylr I wouldn’t be surprised if this were used for fingerprinting somehow.

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Chrome update gamification idea for @alexainslie: with each Chrome update you apply, you unlock a new background image on the new tab page or a new game on `chrome://apps` (sourced from Fixed security issues aren’t visible to…

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Using container queries today summarized by @piccalilli_: “Notice that when you looked at the demos in a non-supporting browser, they looked fine? That’s progressive enhancement in action giving everyone a good experience and where support is…

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