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April 27th, 2021

Some insights from Google Search on the Text Fragments ( feature and user perception. ⤵️

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@henrylim96 Hmmm, right. Also my other demo broke. Maybe a regression? Have you checked the WebKit bug tracker?

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@henrylim96 There’s no user gesture. The operation needs to be the result of a user gesture like a click.

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@samthor Yeah, it sounds reasonable, unlike the recent news.

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@simevidas @stefanjudis There are client-side implementations like and there was discussion around adding a `graphemeAt()` method (, not sure where it went). For RegExp, the ‘u’ flag has made things bette

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The `navigator.serviceWorker.controller` approach mentioned below ⤵️ is what I use in the Service Worker Detector extension: (available for many browsers, including Safari, for which it happens to be a convenient—yet still li

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There’s an early Container Queries polyfill out there made Exciting times! 😆

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RT @patrickwardle: 1⃣ Update to macOS 11.3, like now.

2⃣ Read about, IMHO, the worst macOS bug in recent memory (in terms of its ease of e…

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@wesbos Have you seen @jorikdelaporik’s article on He maintains a library (mentioned in the post), too, that may make your life easier.

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@firt By now you should probably be on their payroll. Great work!

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iOS 14.5 brings the new Safari 14.1 to PWAs and the Web Platform. â@firtrt⁩’s post provides all the details you should

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steveruizok This week I’m bringing perfect-freehand into @excalidraw to improve the pen tool. Pressure-sensitive digital ink is on its way!

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@hdv Sorry to disappoint, but this stuff happens on-device and never leaves your machine:

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