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August 2020

💻 The Realms proposal provides a new mechanism to execute JavaScript code within the context of a new global object and set of JS built-ins. Realms are a distinct global environment, with its own global object containing its own intrinsics and…

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@RReverser Just get Authy, it syncs your accounts across different devices and has apps for all platforms. Never depend on one phone! Here’s some more background:….

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argyleink native EyeDropper API?!
VisBug is down!

📃 read more…

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@danbri @martinbean @otherJackson Happy I dug down the thread until the end. This is a great tweet that explains a lot. I was about to suggest…, but given the new context I just learned I don’t need to. 😃

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rowan_m 🦊🔀🍪@firefox is progressing their rollout of the new SameSite cookie behaviour! On for 50% in 79 beta.… Lots more detail from @MikeConca in the article.
(Why yes, I have had this image ready for a while because - come on, it’s perfect.)

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CSSInRealLife Why do you need the `drop-shadow` CSS filter, when you have a perfectly good `box-shadow`? Let’s find out! In this latest article we look at some cool use cases…

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@johnwilander @nekrtemplar @romulof @xeenon People, me included, have referred to it as standard. The status of the spec is clearly stated in the document, though: “This specification was published by the Web Bluetooth Community Group. It is not a W3C…

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s_englehardt In Firefox 79 we’ve started rolling out protections against redirect tracking. Cookies and other storage set by trackers will be cleared every ~24 hours.…

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bramusblog ESNext: Declarations in Conditionals (Stage-1)



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CSS `content-visibility`, new article by @Una:….

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Did you know that @Tinder has an amazing PWA? They’re a heavy user of Project Fugu 🐡 APIs, see this talk by @roderickhsiao for details:….

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@othermaciej @michihuber @googlechrome @firefox @webkit Maciej has posted about this only yesterday, it (unfortunately) wasn’t covered in the WWDC sessions:…

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@jordaust @ChromiumDev You can still use the API behind a flag, and provide feedback on the bug (see the article for details). Thanks for your interest!

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@germankatz_ @ChromiumDev @VisualStudio Since this API is in development, VS Code doesn’t “know” about it yet. You can ignore this error.

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darktears Really sound like @SpaceX built some offline web app and Safari wasn’t handling it correctly. PWA maybe?…

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Preparing Your App to be the Default Browser or Email Client on iOS and iPadOS:…

“Apps that use the managed entitlement can:
- […]
- Use Service Workers in `WKWebView` instances.”

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paulcalvano Back/Forward caches in browsers have the potential to improve web performance for up to 20% of navigations! I wrote a blog post that explores mPulse RUM data to see how navigation types vary by device and browser, and what the opportunity is.…

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@simevidas @googlechrome @medleyjp I need to relay this question to the Microsoft folks. Maybe @AaronGustafson for a start…

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ChromiumDev Earlier, the Project Fugu 🐡 team’s posted on Notification Triggers—an API for scheduling local notifications that don’t require the network.

Its origin trial is over now, but we haven’t heard enough…n.

🗣 Have an opinion?…v

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@wesbos You can mod it to add HDMI to it: Warranty void. 😂

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@CurrencyWiki @firefox @webkit Links need to be opened in a `noopener` context:…. This means the markup of your links needs to include `rel=”noopener”`:….

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Simulating Object Collisions With Canvas.…

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