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August 25th, 2020

@firt Absolutely. That’s completely not working as intended. But one step earlier: probably file:// URLs should not have been shareable to begin with and throw an error instead, since your file:// isn’t accessible to me, so (to me) it doesn’t make (

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@firt That’s my worry, too. If so, it just takes someone with a jailbroken device to figure out interesting files and their paths to share… This is a surprisingly easy attack. I checked the spec ( →, a

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@srescio @raymondcamden Yes, browsers other than Safari on iOS internally use WKWebView, and the Web Share API is exposed there ( I just tested this on Chrome for iOS.

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Wow, this Web Share API bug ⤵️ is concerning.

const pwn = () => {
text: ‘Check out this cute kitten!’,
url: ‘file:///etc/passwd’,

Turns out Safari actually shares the _contents_ of /etc/passwords, and allows for

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Fast, personalized, and private by design on all platforms: introducing a new 🦊 @Firefox for Android experience. This looks pretty exciting, and it includes access to some popular extensions like uBlock Origin.

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@Rich_Harris @mathias @AMPhtml Oh, tracked as already. Didn’t see all thread responses, sorry.

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@Rich_Harris @mathias Have you filed an @AMPhtml bug? The team has been really responsive when I filed the infamous ⚡️ issue (

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@rustybrick @victorpan Obviously the Chrome extension ( works on Edge, too, but if you prefer staying in the Edge ecosystem, you can install Link to Text Fragment from the Edge Add-on Store: And, shh 🤫,

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taybenlor Just used @samthor’s “Undoer” ( to add native cmd+z undoing to a web app. So exceedingly smooth and easy. Web is good.

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@lilyraynyc #:~:text=insert%20your%20words works as long as “insert your words” appears exactly once on a page. Sometimes you want to link to a _specific_ instance of ambiguous text. This is where Link to Text Fragment excels:

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@cemper Thanks for the shoutout! 😊

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RT @samthor: Hey web Twitter 🕸️, I wrote a post on better understanding `load` and `DOMContentLoaded`, mostly around why they’re not always…

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