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August 18th, 2020

@mhartington @Ionicframework Don’t leave us hanging in there. What was fixed?

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RT @seaotta: Just a few days left to help us gauge developer interest in any of these submissions around web apps/PWAs from @webwewantfyi b…

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@jensimmons Art direction with dark mode is one of my favorites. The WebKit docs indeed are a brilliant example! 💏

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@marcosc I’m pretty sure a couple of browser vendors would be very interested in someone like you. I know that’s easily said, and, above all, some/most Mozillans probably also weren’t interested in a change… Hope this all ends well for you and all

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@marcosc I’m currently looking into the mini apps ecosystem for the same reason (legitimate interest). Oh, and sorry, the tweet may have come across as insensitive given recent events. It certainly wasn’t meant that way.

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@marcosc Plan B in case this whole Web thing doesn’t work out? 😆

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@hdv Congratulations, Hidde. That’s a nerdy first trace to leave on the Internet :-)

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RT @stefanjudis: ☕ Little morning devsheet: unicode property escapes in JavaScript regular expressions. 🙈


🔗 Explainer from @m…

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RT @ChromiumDev: Web developers can currently experiment with reading and writing from a serial port.

1️⃣ Learn more about the Serial API…

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RT @mbleigh: 🔥🌎🚀 …now for a fan favorite!

Firebase Hosting now compresses all static content w/ Brotli!

🥦 Processed async post-deploy w…

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