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August 20th, 2020

RT @ChromiumDev: 🔝 Use advanced typography with local fonts!


Learn how the experimental Local Font Access API…

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@othermaciej 😂 I do the same, but for the ellipsis (…) character on any other platform than {mac,i,iPad}OS, and I even wrote an article on how to type it…

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@jordaust It has been pushed out to v2 of the API:

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RT @kornelski: AVIF image format is coming to Chrome next week! (and is behind a flag in Firefox)

• compresses much better than WebP, JPEG…

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@cwilso @othermaciej @johnwilander @romulof @nekrtemplar @xeenon There’s a Web Bluetooth browser, too: (multiple, actually:, Multiple, independent implementations. 🤔

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RT @jensimmons: You know how leading always felt kind of broken/weird in web typography? Yeah, that’s because it is. The CSSWG is working…

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