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June 2010

API statement: ‘s <video> tag is cool, but in the close future is here to stay: (?)

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retomeier Good communicator? Like Developers? Want to help me with my workload here in London?

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@onlythoughtwork @derwildemomo Sorry, not aware of any <=> frameworks, but considered researching the topic. Vacation now :-)

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@webr3 On vacation now, so can’t catch up yet on FOAF+SSL issue, but would like to sync up later. Any future plans to open-source the code?

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In Spain for couple of days of vacation. Family-enforced Twitter absence… Then on Monday sync-up meeting w/ mhD tutor in Barcelona.

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@webr3 Hmm, confused. I used the method from here and now your site says “You are logged in as webid:” (blank)

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@webr3 Thanks! Better now? I copied from, now using your snippet instead.

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@webr3 Not entirely sure if I did it correctly, but I have added my public key to for FOAF+SSL.

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.@webr3 Super interesting stuff that you’re doing on Is any of the source code available?

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@mfhepp Sorry for the late response (family-enforced weekendly Twitter absence). >Yes, I am aware of Django’s RDFa capabilities. Good stuff!

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Just found out about , a JavaScript lib for / processing. Loving , e.g.

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.@appcelerator Did you consider getting rid of the Facebook iframe on the API reference? Annoying, slow. Opinions?

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With regards to my last tweet, @derigalway that is :-) Looking forward to the visit!

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Early morning call w/ @mhausenblas (Thanks!). I’ll visit in August & learn from thcWenkedData peopl#TomsPhD

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@bsletten Cool! Keep us updated on your progress. Any pointers already?

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In the latest / dev channel: extension sync & native PDF =>

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@kojote Glückwunsch! Alles Gute im neuen Job!

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@nicolasgramlich Yay! All the best! Ping me when there are questions…

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mwinton If you want to work with Google APIs, Android, Chrome, or HTML5, Google’s hiring in Developer Relations:

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rgaidot cool World Cup 2010 Twitter replay

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OH @stilkov: “I hope my enthusiasm makes you forgive my lack of competence” in his German talk: :D Good stuff!

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webr3 support in .js - ported tabulator rdflib.js over to work on the serverside - happy hacking!

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Troubled w/ applying theoretical knowledge of to working app. Anyone has a real-world tutorial w/ owl:sameAs?

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mhausenblas now publishing - thanks @edsu for the notice!

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mhausenblas RT @Nigel_Shadbolt: Need to get EU thinking about standards as a key part of Interoperability framework

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RT @bsletten: Wish Turtle supported “an” as well as “a”. I hate reading: :Foo a owl:Class // LOL :-)

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RT @morrildl: If anyone can make this, send me a photo. //CC: @retomeier @timbray

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If your version of is <= (check here, go to & update! Why:

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jos_tweets How-to: Anonymize IP addresses with Asynchronous tracking in Google Analytics  -

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@juansequeda Renting => discrete. Read about the role Hollerith played w/ the deportation of Jews? Sad chapter in computer/German history.

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bobdc The Outlook spellchecker suggests that instead of “xsd” I meant to write “sad”. It’s difficult to argue.

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cramforce Why is the project called Hocker? — because it is something to put next to a CouchDB

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@jimwebber Try, not sure with regards to the en-UK keyboard, but worth a try.

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Loving Last Week in ( & This WeekREST (, both the blog titles & the content :-)

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RT @webr3: RT @manusporny: Ivan blogs about why the RDFa API is awesome: /via @ivan_herman

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RT @mamund: A Fundamentalist Restafarian: Please Accept: application/hal+xml //See my comment there. //CC: @mikekelly85

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RT @mhausenblas RT @dret LinkedData - SemWebSpecificStuff + LooseCoupling ≅ REST <<Dont understand this eq //+1 for not understand. Details?

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@LuisBenavides Nice one :-) Thanks! A great picnic! The only comment is: Hasta la próxima!

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dalmaer Stanford Javascript Crypto Library: secure, powerful, fast, small, easy-to-use, xbrowser library for cryptography in JS

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@webr3 @joepresbrey I’m thinking of extending some video ontology to get to a level of sem. descr. depth of Audio Desc.

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kojote RT @chengfu: Großartiger Kommentar bei “Wer lebt denn hier über seine Verhältnisse?” !

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Over-lunch / / discussion w/ @algermissen in . Anyone wanna join us for the next ?

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jos_tweets Gooooal! Check out the bottom of the “world cup” result page on Google :) (via @gyulasimonyi)

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dehora cool: http://engineering.twitt…. No bird theme in the project name is a bit of a shocker ;)

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mamund RESTful SPARQL queries of RDFa

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@sandhawke Tried to comment on this post, but seems like it didn’t make it through (did I write stupid?). See

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Read @sandhawke’s From to in 6 Easy Steps with : Here’s my comment:

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webr3 I’ve spent most of the day on char encoding issues and autoconvertion of any html on web to valid clean utf8 xhtml; god was that fun :\

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@elledienne I guess joining @appcelerator webinars or watching the recordings is a more scalable way ;-) Code strong!

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Teaching my wife JavaScript w/ :-). She comes from C/C++, no Web coding experience - at al. Fun! //CC @appcelerator

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@webr3 Thanks! Just sent you a (probably pretty confusing) email.

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In 2003 @timbray offered the domain free for a killer app: Today .net’s parked. ¿Qué pasó?

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webr3 RT @terraces At ? Looking for a PhD position in Social Semantic Web and Sensor data? Check this and let’s talk

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@gkob Are you in Hamburg? Wanna stop by Google’s office over lunch & chat about Feel invited! Ping me if you want.

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aemkei Twitter gets more insight in social connections and released the you-both-follow-feature:…

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@mamund, @AndrewWahbe, @juansequeda, @bsletten, @webr3, @fabien_gandon: Interested in your take on (own tweet). Thanks!

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Experiencing how bottom-up is! owl:sameAs is no complimentary ticket for duplicating work, but a safety net just in case of…

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RT @AndrewWahbe: The is about describing data. &aREST are about describing how to interact w/ data. //sPhD

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