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April 2012

@hfmuehleisen @RubenVerborgh LOL. We should add a list of funny use cases. There was one Berlusconi➡Merdusconi…

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@timse7 Jailbroken? Install Mobile Terminal and top from Cydia. Unjailbroken? Install Activity Monitor from the App Store. Good luck!

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Yet another impressively reflective comic on : Related: Fsck cancer. Seriously.

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A great visualization of the French as discussed on Twitter: (via @rtroncy at )

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ChromiumDev “Chrome’s fuzzing infrastructure is built on a cluster of several hundred VMs running 6K simultaneous Chrome instances”…

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Device.js by @borismus is great if you gotta have separate desktop/phone/tablet versions of your site: > CC: @kojomisch

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@LivingCloud Thanks for the hint. I’ll try to get a seat in that zone.

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@ndw Nope (I tend to use left-hand emoticons in that case, though (-; )

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Just booked my flights to in Hong Kong. The aviation geek in me’s looking forward to the leg Dubai→Hong Kong :-) HAM→DXB→HKG

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nerds rejoice: the story of @ilovetypography’s Wayfinding Sans Pro font: (via @stilkov, CC: @RubenVerborgh)

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~RT @SeanGolliher: Today, a student in our CS class will be presenting on &a@tomayacayac’s > Honored ;-)

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@tmpz What does is, among other things, visual content analysis of stored pics. Doesn’t affect ownership, tho. Me not a lawyer…

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@tmpz Perché? The cited document is not even for

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To those RT’ing that vs. Terms of Service piece by CNET: please read this post

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kazarnowicz If you send e-mail from a address, you should shut up and learn from @zemanta who send from

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The Google &a#CSS style…PEcf. Semicolons in CSS rules considered required; :-) (@cramforceorce)

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Some useful inspector hints that may increase your ( debugging) productivity:

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brucel Fancy being the new editor?…

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Help my friend @RubenVerborgh’s dream come true: vote for his video on the Ghent talk series: Thanks

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RubenVerborgh visitors, help the future Web get on TEDxGhent and VOTE for the first movie at… !

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ivan_herman proceedings: (also downloadable as one file)

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Enjoyed @RubenVerborgh’s talk at yesterday? Or missed it? Here’re the slides:

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RT @antoniogarrote: slides from my talk at // +1

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@Paul_Kinlan Feel free to use my code. The link is on the last slide of the deck. It’s , just doesn’t say so yet. Have fun!

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RT @rtroncy: @RubenVerborgh brilliantly fixing the Web w/ @tomayac // Nice photo! Thanks

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RT @jimkont: Awesome! (Sorry, great ) // Pleased to serve the like-minded. @RubenVerborgh

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Thinking of @RubenVerborgh’s talk at ? Here’s the paper: (the one w/ an image as Abstract).

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geeks, pedants, EVERYONE at : make sure to attend @RubenVerborgh’s talk on (11:00 in St. Clair 3A+3B)!

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rtroncy on the Web Workshop at - report by @juansequeda

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@JohnRentoul @Tent101 @citizen_sane That’s the Twitter Whom to follow extension, yes. More pedantries catered for: :-)

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Source code of the GUI: The slides are here: Hat tip @kojomisch @arnaudbrousseau

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Want to learn about the EU project? Come & see2012 talk (Salon Tête d’Or).

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Undoc’ed hint: paste any video URL (codec!) in the input box at the shot detection tool:

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Slides from talk Enabling on-the-fly Video Shot Detection on : (incl demo link)

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rtroncy Developer Track session 2 in room Saint Clair 3A+3B “3D and Video” … you will learn everything about media fragments

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About to give my Developers Track talk on video shot detection on YouTube. geekery ahead. Saint Clair 3A+3B.

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sets new standards in conference quality. Count me impressed & huge thanks to those involved3000!

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Declaring @RubenVerborgh CSS hero of the day. He just in time fixed our Developers Track contribution; no. 28:

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is an impressive Twitter monitoring tool for the conference, incl. live video stream of keynotes

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The academic homepage: Already now declaring it a Comics classic. Touché anyone? Wave, please.

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New window.location.ancestorOrigins function returns a list
of an iframe’s origins of enclosing frames: (via @beverloo)

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RubenVerborgh Now presenting “Functional Descriptions as the Bridge between
Hypermedia APIs and the Semantic Web” at…TG

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We should call the current track the Raises Eyebrows Track™. First , now ;-)

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Beautiful(!) presentation of by @MarkusLanthaler at at . Find the spec here:

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vrandezo Find my slides about the keynote on here:… Too big for slideshare.

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@stilkov LOL. We have different issues then, though ;-)

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@mamund @RubenVerborgh @dret @stilkov “Risking” to build a new maturity level model? You implemented n out of m patterns..12

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RT @dvdeurse: Nice summary of @ivan_herman: Linked Data on the Web Workshop, Lyon” // +1. Thanks.

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filiwiese Updates to Product Rich Snippets and Rich Snippets testing tool:…

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@chanezon @FrontierTown …And this is how to fix pages that omit the Oxford ‘,’ (the paper link) // CC@RubenVerborghgh

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@AlanCoffee I put it in & they accepted it. W/ my limited world view I consider it +/- useless, but I guess there’s some use ca2012

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Mentioning @hfmuehleisen in the context of the project at . Credit where credit is due.

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Waiting for final leg AMS-LYS to / & fixing camera-ready 2012: unsure if \terms{Experimentation} adds any value…

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cramforce ;

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@aivlis_s @RubenVerborgh @phelo Will only arrive tomorrow. See you soon!

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@hkwebso …it could’ve happened anywhere in between, also as someone from the staff suggeste@aymanan to use http (w/o the ‘s’) to register…

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@hkwebso I was not at all suggesting your team leaked private data, simply,

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@rtroncy Some nice ideas, thanks for the link. I follow TU Delft. Related: do you know (Twitter tab) // CC: @fabianabel

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@sallamar Looks like you’re on a heresy spree :-) I, for one, am fully with you.

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Reading up on ’s that was finally open-sourced on GitHub:

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New UI says Who to follow in Explore tab Make it WHOM to follow w/ (via @cramforce)

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@kristenxnicole A pleasure to serve the like-minded :-) Thanks!

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@ayman If you have a list, would ya mind contacting me wrt the fraudulent transactions? tomac AT google DOT com // @TheOfficialACM

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~RT @jeblad: Why could increase bias in & how this could be…8yrZ Also r@vrandezodezo’s comment.

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The registration page raises a certificate warning. Few days after registration, fraud on my Visa card.

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@vasujain It was more of a general vision than a clear plan. The paper was published at the Future Internet Assembly; this as a context.

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If you need your browser to render in , is the way to go: // CC: @RubenVerborgh

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~RT @dret: “Looking forward to !” : “Referring to the website or the workshop?” // +1

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Nicely titled (& IMHO to-the-poiaOrg po@danbrinbri has moved on, should we

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