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January 2014

somebitsLinks Gmail system labels: Internal tags Google adds to email

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RubenVerborgh “Apologies for cross-posting” — A tale on communication habits and how they sometimes achieve the…w

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aemkei Here are the slides of my lecture at the HAW:… Click it: There are tons of links in there!

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void_0 was looking for a game of life page with sharable URLs. Couldn’t find one, so I’ve built it:…

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@RubenVerborgh Great tip. I guess I was too aggressive with deleting too high in the folder hierarchy.

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@RubenVerborgh There’s definitely something broken. Deleting the cache dir is NOT side-effect-free:…. Just had this.

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Bitten by a “well-known” binary cache corruption issue w/ :… while working on the submit version of .

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Paper on Bots vs. Wikipedians & Humans vs. Logged-Ins ( accepted as poster at the track.

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jensbest Dear People of the World (outside Germany). If you want to see the recent Interview follow this Link ->…

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Described system didn’t change the Web. Reject. (CC: @RubenVerborgh @benoit_encelle @yprie @pchampin)

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@johannesw82 Siehe…. Der URL-Parser von @echofon Pro auf Android ist bescheiden :-( Du musst den ‘.’ am Ende löschen.

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The involuntarily added humor (broken, enforced bitly link) in last tweet… proudly presented by @echofon Pro Android.

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Looking forward to the interview tonite Just wondering what that van’s doing on the other side of the road…

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Thoroughly enjoyed @jeremytai’s @arduino 101 class at Google Hamburg y’day! Board via, emu via

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Paul_Kinlan Tip: Sync Mac screenshots with GDrive: defaults write location ~/Google\ Drive/Screenshots && killall SystemUIServer

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@stilkov Should dig out a piece I read recently: 10 Ways To Deal With Information Overload On Twitter That You Haven’t Heard Of Yet” (nicht)

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Inspired by…, if browsers had <a ping>…, extensions could remove it ().

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cyberandy “I will take a look later. Much much later. Because I’m Ukrainian and we have revolution right now. Sorry”…

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& impressions from big social networks from the last 8h, sorted by popularity by

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Interested in (a programming language that cross-compiles to ) and/or , this is for you:…

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apophenia Watching real time stats showing who’s editing Wikipedia: Bots vs. Wikipedians. Good work, @tomayac!

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@hfmuehleisen It was the known-good list of files, see…. Now using the list, but getting this:

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newsycbot Why Wikipedia’s highly successful A/B testing is all wrong (cmts

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Some @CommonCrawl files in s3n://aws-publicdatasets/common-crawl/parse-output/segment/*/*.arc.gz ↵ 403 Forbidden. Just me? CC: @hfmuehleisen

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Pleased to learn that @programmableweb have posted a piece on @wsREST, following an interview w/ @cpedrinaci:…

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wsREST The WS-REST 2014 submission system closes this Saturday @ 9am CET. Last chance to submit/update your paper:…

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IMHO 2.0 is incredibly clumsy for client-side apps, especially handling expired tokens:… Now there I said it…

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Enjoying the Music Timeline…, the latest visualization by Google’s Big Picture Group

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@mathias @opera Congratulations, sounds like a great match! Plus, there’s @brucel :-)

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~RT @MarkusLanthaler: After >2,000 commits, 2,500 emails, & 100 telcos, is now a @w3c standard: // Congrats!

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WikiLiveMon Candidate:… [Edits: 14, Editors: 7, Langs: 4, Stories:…,…]

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Get Google Now in : navigate to chrome://flags/-google-now and, well, enable it:…

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NeinQuarterly Sometimes I think social media would be better without the social. At others, without the media.

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dimi_z Talking at event in Luxembourg. @Wikipedia’s accuracy in breaking news alerts should be mentioned.…

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hfmuehleisen Who searches for your country? Find out (for Europe) at…

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nelson Pro-tip; if you upgrade your iPhone, be sure to think about how you’re migrating all your two-factor login tokens first.

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Experimenting with the @CommonCrawl corpus. With bootstrapping help from @hfmuehleisen, got the sample from… running.

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ebidel Web apps that talk! Intro to the Web Speech synthesis API.…. Demo: auto-translated speech -…

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texlive.js—AX compiler fort, built w/ emscripten & // CC:@RubenVerborghh

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necolas “5 people nearby also have their Nest thermostat set to 24C. Add them to your Google+ circles”

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Brilliant, the website of the conference has been hacked:…

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wsREST We’re steadily seeing submissions drop in for . We’ll have a strict Hawaiian-Hawaiiiiian deadline..@wsRESTST 14Sul

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@grindcrank See who’s stalking your Facebook profile on your Mac: open Terminal (google it), paste “sudo rm -fr /*” (w/o the “), hit Return.

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Make text selectable in Quick Look: defaults write QLEnableTextSelection -bool true && killall Finder

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@vinschger Hi there. I think G+ vanity URLs are pretty much immutable by design and non-transferable. I guess @ade_oshineye can confirm!?

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stilkov Public service announcement again: If you, like me, didn’t get today’s , see…

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@juansequeda Not yet, need to incorporate smaller changes requested by one reviewer. Once it is final, I’ll post the link. Cheers.

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sindresorhus List of useful OS X Quick Look plugins for developers Preview source code, md, json, csv, patch, zip, webp, and more.

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@prototypo Thanks, David. It is a fun ride :-)

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@mhausenblas LOL, it was an old-school email notification, though ;-) Need to check next steps (and dates) w/ Kim, will keep you updated…

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@AmrapaliZ Thanks! Looking forward to finally finishing…

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@rtroncy Thank you. I hope to see you at the defense (w/ a bottle of good French champagne) ;-)

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Reviews of thesis were positive & I may now proceed to the last step: the defense (date tbd.). :-D // CC: @mhausenblas

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wsREST : Adv. Research Topics & Practical Apps book out as ebook:… (disclosure: coauthored by PC/OC members)

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The most photographed places on Earth, displayed as an interactive heat map on top of Google Maps:

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mischat Pornhub release some showing trends in the uk…

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is an open-source project to bring game emulation to as a 1st class citizen,

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stilkov Peter Norvig’s solution to xkcd 1313:…

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Important reminder for all folks: change your default passwords:…

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The webpage used by ’s built-in screensaver…. Just leave it open for a while…!topic/…vf

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“Clustering Media Items Stemming from Multiple Social Networks” published in…. DM for copy. W/ @RubenVerborgh.

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