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February 2023

christianliebel Over the last few months, @jahr_patrick and I wrapped four APIs for : The Badging, File Handling, Web Share, and Async Clipboard API. You can now conveniently use these modern web from C#.…

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Improving standards of behavior in standards discussions:….

“[I]f Googlers are failing to live up to these goals after being reminded of them, we want to hear about it and make…a6

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If you were ever wondering why Intel is part of Project Fugu 🐡, look no further than Intel employee Rijubrata’s blog post explaining their motivation:……wK

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@HenrikJoreteg @reillyeon So turns out Reilly has mostly terminated his Twitter presence. You can find him on Mastodon (, where I have just discovered you Henrik, have an account (, too. Hope you can connect

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@andreasbovens Yeah, I guess there’s room for user agents to innovate. Maybe forget permissions after a period of not using an extension or so. Or some system that detects when all of a sudden review anomalies happen and then proactively revokes permiss@oliverdunk_

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Wow, what a brilliant write-up by Matt Frisbie on creating a Chrome extension that steals everything:…. 🥷 Having these attack vectors documented in the open is crucial. Prune your extensions regularly!

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@sepia_fw Just curious: on the latest Chrome on Android, what APIs are you still missing?

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@AshleyGullen Yeah, I barely scratched the surface, but none of the five frameworks just worked. Every single one of them would fail in some unpredictable (to me) way while running literally the same code as on the live website, and with neither Chrome no

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@HenrikJoreteg Let’s loop in the Tech Lead, @reillyeon, and see what he’s happy to say in public. You can star the related bugs already:….

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On the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the activist Enno Lenze ( and the editor Wieland Giebel ( have set up a destroyed Russian tank right in front of…

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ZelenskyyUa On February 24, millions of us made a choice. Not a white flag, but the blue and yellow one. Not fleeing, but facing. Resisting & fighting.
It was a year of pain, sorrow, faith, and unity. And this year, we remained invincible. We know that 2023 will be the year of our victory!

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@toniengelhardt I don’t buy the discovery argument, but I have certainly heard it. Just try searching for Facebook Messenger, the stores are full of name squatters and ads. For capabilities, the web has become incredibly powerful. There are gaps, like d

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Why would one wrap a nice Web app with a cross platform software framework 🤔? To understand the motivation, I tried it with one of my apps—SVGcode—and 5 different frameworks:

👉 Electron.js
👉 NW.js
👉 Tauri
👉 Neutralinojs
👉 Gluon…

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quicksave2k Finally! You can play with new USB camera controls in Chrome Canary for macOS.



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kennethrohde WASI Threads! Great work by my Intel peers!…

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Chrome’s Headless mode gets an upgrade: introducing `—headless=new`:…. (Technically, the old Headless was a separate, alternate browser implementation that happened to be…pM

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@jaroslawjarosik It doesn’t pop up unless there’s a user gesture, like the user clicking a button.

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If only there were a programmatic way to trigger an install…JA. iOS 16.4 opens the manual “Add to Home Screen” flow to non-Safari browsers.…twwh

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AKamyshin So, it was an honor and a privilege for me and the whole of @Ukrzaliznytsia to deal with this visit. I must say, it was complicated. But we did it. That’s how appeared.

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@userquin I can order jamón ibérico, and that’s about 95% of what I need.

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POTUS When Putin launched his invasion nearly one year ago, he thought Ukraine was weak and the West was divided.  He thought he could outlast us. But he was dead wrong.

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¡Hola 👋 PWA developers (and QuickApp/mini app developers) in the wider Gijón, Spain 🇪🇸 region! Meet me at the Jornada W3C on March 9, 2023:… (Note that the event language will be Spanish.) RSVP 🎟️ at the event page:…

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🏎️ Great example of the `<animateMotion>` element (…) in SVG:…. I love how declarative and intuitive to understand this is.

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@schweinepriestr @samthor This, erm, was my intention. 😬 Nah, it was just late and I was excited and fat-fingered a regular toot instead of a reply.

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@gokul_i This behavior is currently specific to Android. I don’t know Apple’s plans there. For Chrome, to some extent, you can determine the behavior with the Launch Handler API (, but it’s not shipped yet and doesn’t cover

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@samthor 🤦‍♂️ LOL, whatever happened, it was meant to congratulate @schweinepriestr on his PR:…. Looks like I accidentally posted this as a regular toot, not a reply. The cross-poster without mercy crossposted it here.

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Wow, you’ve been super busy! 👏

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Quick initial observation: iOS push notifications work fine so far for, but lack the icon on (they use the system default fallback icon).

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I’m mind-blown 🤯 by the Safari 16.4 beta release:…. Some highlights:

🛎️ Web Push for apps added to the Home Screen
📲 Ability for other browsers to add apps to…SR

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@jaffathecake @toniengelhardt @ChromiumDev @DasSurma I should have clarified: not a thing for PWAs. Google Maps installed as a PWA has a blue bar on both Android and iOS. If there’s a way to get a transparent bar for Android for PWAs, I don’t know it.

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@jaffathecake @toniengelhardt @ChromiumDev @DasSurma As far as I know true transparency isn’t a thing on Android, but you can set the color dynamically via JavaScript. Many apps use this to react on dark mode / light mode changes. (Example:…

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@stshank Yeah, I guess it’s a general browser thing, not limited to Chrome, sorry.

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📱 iOS Continuity Camera not working in Chrome? It’s not a bug, it’s a feature, and there’s a “magic pose” 🪄 fix to make it work. You can’t make this stuff up……X9

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Great article by explaining how the concept of user activation works in WebKit:….

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Improved font fallbacks:…. Excellent deep dive into font fallbacks and the `size-adjust`, `ascent-override`, `descent-override`, and `line-gap-override` APIs by Katie Hempenius for more layout-stable font swapping.

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Container queries land in stable browsers: 🎉. celebrates universal support of the feature with a valentines special.

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ChromiumDev The Handwriting Recognition API (…) ✍️ shipped in Chrome 99, but support is limited to ChromeOS devices so far.

📢 If your company has an interest in this API on other platforms, please chime in with details on this Issue thread:….

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Sneak peak 👀 of the new 🐡 Project Fugu API

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Just sat through 1:18:15 (sped up to 1.25, but not doing the math now) of the full React Documentary ( only to _not_ see a wild appear. Disappointed. ⚛️

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manekinekko Still THE best guide about the concept of streams and the Streams API on the Web - By @tomayac 👍

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🙋 My browser…

👉 `Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36` 👈

…is 🟩 86% Fugu 🐡!

How Fugu 🐡 is yours? Find outhowfuguismybrowser.devrLha and share

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Building an image lightbox with `<dialog>`, by Love how properly this is authored (and the author is aware of the one caveat that `alt` text is not necessarily a `<figcaption>`.…

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@individual8 Not all features are exposed on all platforms—e.g., the Contact Picker API is currently only exposed on mobile—so it’s technically impossible to reach a score of 100%. Therefore, regard the score more as a playful competition than an abso

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🐡 Now that Chrome 110 is out, just a friendly reminder to go test :

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@jh3yy Well, this comes totally unexpected… I’m really sad to see you go! All the best for whatever engineering gig comes next. Whoever they are, they can be glad to have you! <3

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Talking to the Stadia controller 🎮 with WebHID:…

After flashing my Stadia controller, I played with the API to see what the controller could do and wrote up my findings. It turned into a general hacking 🧑‍💻 guid

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ChromiumDev Talking to the Stadia controller 🎮 with WebHID:…

After flashing his Stadia controller, @tomayac played with the API to see what the controller could do and wrote up his findings. It turned into a general hacking 🧑‍💻 guide for HID devices.

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@simevidas @quicksave2k I guess always proactively offering what could be sent would be considered a fingerprinting vector. The way it can work with the initial request is via the server sending a `Critical-CH` hint, telling the client what the server nee

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ElementInternals and Form-Associated Custom Elements are now supported in WebKit (Safari) Technology Preview 162:….

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The Immersive Web Emulator browser extension by Meta looks super useful for developers:….

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The Market for Lemons 🍋, by As always, come for the post… and stay for the footnotes [1]… and, erm, the subfootnotes [1.1]….

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📢 New requirements for the Web Share API in third-party iframes:…. If you want to allow the feature in third-party iframes, add an `allow` attribute:


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Need a screenshot 🖥️📸 of the current page on your clipboard as someone on StackOverflow? Here’s a quick snippet based on HTML2Canvas ( and the Async Clipboard API (…qM

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