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March 2015

danbri More details on new Community Group… (still missing 1 person’s vote before it is created!)

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@wikier @SSchaffert @vrandezo The back-end for now. The actual data and the front-end still pending.

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Why??? The words fail me.-5

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.@Olivier_Aubert (Re: EasyChair session timeout) Lazarus Form Recovery to the rescue. Exists for Chrome & Firefox:…

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@tfmorris It’s still in active development, just giving status updates. Watch this space for release notes.

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rauschma “We have decided not to integrate the Dart VM into Chrome.”
“we will focus our web efforts on compiling Dart to JS.”…

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@hemant_pt @tinacomes Thanks for the ping. I already had dinner plans with a friend from university, though. Hope you have a great dinner.

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hemant_pt Exciting knowledge-aware approach by Thomas Steiner @Google during Sympo on Tech

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@grindcrank Das FlugzeugunglĂĽck ist gar nicht damit verbunden. Beim letzten Tweet ging’s um Naturkatastrophen. Tut mir Leid f. d. Konfusion.

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@RubenVerborgh @PatrickMeier (thanks for inspiring me) You may be interested in…

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Slides from my Stanford Spring Symposium talk on disaster monitoring w/ Wikipedia are at

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New daily feed covering all media file requests for all Wikimedia projects:…,… (via @Infodisiac)

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mafintosh new version of torrent-mount,… is out that now compiles on node 0.10, 0.12 and iojs and fixes some osx issues

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@grindcrank Schönster und zugleich traurigster Tweet in meiner Timeline heute morgen (in UTC-7:00 im Moment). ;-(

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Edit spikes on Wikipedia articles cf. @WikiLiveMon, @mediagalleries:

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thedatascilab “Disaster Monitoring with Wikipedia & Social Media Sites: Structured Data & Linked Data Fragments to the Rescue?”

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RubenVerborgh The @LOVocabularies fragments already proved helpful: found a URI for “opinion” in no time:… Thx, @pietercolpaert!

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@benestar_wm Cool, thanks for the help again and for fixing it for the future :-)

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@benestar_wm The error message was a bit misleading. Maybe something like “Property $p expects values of type $t, but type $s was sent”.

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@benestar_wm , from all possible properties I randomly chose a one that doesn’t accept entities. Thanks, working now :-)

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@benestar_wm Already done that. I don’t get what’s wrong.

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@benestar_wm @wikidata Could you have a look what I’m doing wrong here? Trying wbcreateclaim…

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Spring Symposium. “If you’re the smartest person in the room […]”—I’m in the right…

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@wikidata Is there heavy caching in place for the API? Don’t see my changes in the JSON:…

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@ghirardinicola Not yet, still in active development, sorry. Just sharing status updates… Watch this space for the actual tool release, tho.

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The @FBaseE→@wikidata migration tool now supports migrating single sources, properties w/ sources, & full statements.

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@benestar_wm It’s give & take ;-) I guess one could move the @fbase sources over to the @wikidata source. Even more manual, but justifiable.

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@benestar_wm This because upon manual inspection I saw that from the Mercedes item you can infer the corresponding country.

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@benestar_wm In this very case I’d reject the less precise new @fbase value (Uruguay) & leave the more precise @wikidata value (Mercedes).

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@benestar_wm Luckily we settled for human curation: “The editor will be able to confirm […]…4f1

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@benestar_wm Think the general case. There may be gaps in the rel. chain. It’s obviously easy in the concrete case, but IMHO not generally.

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@benestar_wm Easy for whom? For a human or a machine? It’s a classic HIT (human intelligence task) I guess… Hard for machines.

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Discovered the JavaScript code style checker @jscs_dev via @JSHint’s maxlen deprecation alert… Immediate alias: jscs=’jscs —preset=google’.

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Classic merge issue: @fbase says place of birth Uruguay [2 ref.], @wikidata says Mercedes (city in Uruguay) [1 ref.].

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Woohoo, my talk proposal for @MediterraneaJS got accepted :D Really looking forward to Mediterranean style JavaScript

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pczarkowski rm -fr /

Deletes all french files from the linux server.

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@Zidd0 Ah, c’est pour ce jour que quelqu’un a tweetĂ© ça:…

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Reg. color codes in—Yellow:@wikidataa &@fbasee agree. Red: new fact coming from Freebase. White: Wikidata-only fact.

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News on @fbase→@wikidata migration-@SSchaffertt’s backend’s ready.@vrandezoo’s ironing out data issues. My GUI so

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vinoaj Yahoo will exit China, fires between 200 and 300 people at Beijing facility

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kangax Must read slides on shiny new stuff in DevTools by…K Now let’s just “fix” editing of formatted JS :)

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cramforce Super excited about streaming JS parsing in Chrome and longer term compiled code caching.…

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aaranged Optimising Google’s Knowledge Graph - Munich @jbobbink

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SimoAhava The slides from my second talk at München. Enhanced Ecommerce for content analysis, huh?…

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Very useful online HTML to Jade converter: Thanks, @slace!

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SimoAhava My slides from my first talk at München: Going beyond the defaults with GA and GTM. BE CRITICAL!…

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Chrome now fully supports the autocomplete attribute…. Boost your checkout form’s conversion rate!

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New YouTube cards to eventually replace YouTube annotations:…

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arkaitz New paper: “Crowdsourcing the Annotation of Rumourous Conversations in Social Media”

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@pietercolpaert Ah, I see. Didn’t read the paper yet, so no profound opinions yet :-)

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motherboard “Sirius” is the Google-backed open source Siri:

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kennybastani @danbri It was cool to see a notification that @timberners_lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, commented on…

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@informor @seenco: That’s what I call meta ;-) My bot mentioning your bot.…

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Correlation doesn’t imply causation.…

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RubenVerborgh Google Code closes with proper export to GitHub (including issues & wikis). This is how end-of-life should always be!…

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Brilliant hommage to Terry Pratchett’s death: Immediate gallery by @mediagalleries:

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wsREST We have finally published the accepted papers for WS-REST 2015: Still working out the final schedule and keynote…

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ReaderMeter Announcing the beta release of the Wikimedia REST Content API: Read more:…

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nicolastorzec Facebook partners w/ social data provider DataSift to open its firehose (anonymized & aggregated) to analytics tools…

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jaymyers JSON-LD in action! RT @JeffBiomecca The Next Generation Of Structured Data: Taking Markup To The Next Level

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Video annotation approaches:…. Good summary by the Annotations at Harvard team. (via @Olivier_Aubert)

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@RubenVerborgh This one supports 30 inches and more screens at full resolution.

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These customer ratings quite reflect my experiences w/ the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter :-/…

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juliaferraioli Engineering: a first run experience — how my first job nearly drove me out of tech forever.…

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Vulnerability in DRAM memory chips called “row hammer” makes it possible to change—and corrupt—data in…4j [PDF]

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Great tutorial by @devnook: Creating Semantic Sites with Web Components and JSON-LD:…

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