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August 2014

OliFer my PhD thesis on supported quality management in Wikipedia is now freely available

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.@mediagalleries reports: F. Mogherini new EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Not on DE Wikipedia

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yuilibrary Important announcement regarding YUI…

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sympap We have collected and maintain a public image corpus:… @RevealEU

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@addyosmani Both’re obviously nicer, yet different from how HTML/JavaScript’ve handled attributes/events. Except

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@addyosmani I wonder why event names should use ‘-’s (compare e.g. loadedmetadata)? Why camelCase attributes (compare e.g. contenteditable)?

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@opensym Great organization, cool dinner/golf venue, amazing food & omnipresent coffee, WiFi OK, only need simpler/no password. TY!

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RubenVerborgh Chrome 38 implements JavaScript ES6 Maps and Sets, Iterators, and Symbols…

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JackH Bots vs. Humans on Wikipedia —Who edits more? The real time answer:wikipedia-edits.herokuapp.com6 . Cool work by@tomayacc

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smallworld.js—Maps w/N & HTML <canvas> based onnaturalearthdata.comH (via@BcnJSS)

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“Everybody doing research on page views needs to take redirects into account.”-@makosharkk atm.

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@Faewik @pigsonthewing You can easily add more Wiki* sources to the code:…

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@hanteng As I said during the preso, had I known about the huge press coverage this app would get, I would have put more effort in the comm.

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Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins (Redux): Global Study of Edit Activity on Wikipedia & Wikidata…

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manusporny Twitter releases analytics product to everyone, find out how popular your tweets really are:

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Paper on the current state of -to- export:… [PDF] (via @brassratgirl @wikidata, CC: )

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Now a “Vodafone MobileTV Sky Bundesliga pack incl. 2GB data” customer as the per-GB price is cheaper than a regular data top-up..lm

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Error 418—I’m a

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@MonsieurAZ Reg. —Hope you’re having a good time. Very sorry for not being able to attend the summer school :( Cheers fromm

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ReaderMeter crowd: check out @wpstubs, forks, ideas and pull requests welcome… cc @theopolisme

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I got 2 free (as in beer) tickets worth 440€ for , 9–10 Oct, Hamburg, DM me if and why you want one.

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nichtich Slides, paper & background of current talk about WikiBrain Wikipedia computation service at @WikiResearch

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@halfak It’s also a common airport travel hack :-) Bonus points for also bringing a global travel adapter.

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@questionquest1 I guess some of the issues you mention are addressed in @ndiakopoulos’ article…. Verification is hard.

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Nice video demos including creative <track> usage & spatial Media Fragments URI:… (CC: @rtroncy)

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Attending (Berlin) for the next 3 days (presenting on Thu). Get the proceedings here…

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@questionquest1 Well, the system uses global Wikipedia edits as news signal. Check [PDF] for the details. Cheers, Tom

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Developer Workshop reviews done: Affirming: 3 papers reviewed, 100% accordance w/ co-reviewers’ scores :-)

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.@fielding: “I’d really appreciate if we could stop overreacting to what was well known 20 years ago.”…

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.@timberners_lee: “If two URIs differ only in the ‘s’ of ‘https:’, then they may never be used for different things.”…

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@bsletten Highly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Brian! Safe travels!

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@bsletten Hi. Did I miss that tweet? Sorry to be a pain, just really interested ;) Can also share off-Twitter (tomacATgoogleCOM) if desired.

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RubenVerborgh Finally, has a full 1.1 parser. It’s called SPARQL.js, the full story is here:…

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HateChrisGreene I nominate you for the “give quietly to charity every month via direct debit from your bank account” challenge.

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Finally confirmed my @jsconfeu attendance :-D Who else from my timeline will be there?

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It sure looks like was a great show. Feeling sorry to miss out on the conference this year…

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portenkirchner Brad Frost designing an effective donate form…

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@ericaxel @bsletten Any pointer to the slides? This sounds super interesting. Thanks.

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kerfors Looks like a really nice set of exercises in @wjarek’s @fbase workshop deck

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The sad state of CSS hyphenation:…. It could all be awesom-
e:… (pun intended)

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@edsu Congratulations to this next step, Ed. Sounds like a huge win for @UMD_MITH!

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Why academics _really_ use Twitter:…. Great episode of the comics!

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@edsu The old “With great power comes great responsibility” & “Correlation does not imply causation”. Hard to put all this in a Twitter bio.

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@edsu No, it’s a _great_ tool. Simply, iff interpreted incorrectly (ie, w/o understanding the mechanics), I see news-hungry abuse potential.

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@edsu Liked the metaphor :-) Reg. politics: @congressedits et al. have become an (albeit modest) political since they got press coverage.

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@edsu No context needed. Simply imagine… being smear edits. Easy to false(?)-accuse an anonymous evil-doing democrat.

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@jimmy_wales @edsu @wooble Already said so in…, I just wonder when the first smear campaign leverages the watch bots.

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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales argues that @edsu’s @congressedits watch bot might be counter-productive:…

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marcobonzanini Great Sentiment Analysis tutorial

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Work at Google—Customer Solutions Engineer Hamburg…B& German not req, but goodwill to learn some. DM me.

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.@strzel_a’s Node.js process manager pm2 can now restart a server when a given memory limit is reached…

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~RT @echen: Propensity modeling, causal inference & discovering drivers of growth… >Great post!

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Everything you need to know about the will-change property…

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~RT @mfenner: The beauty of —An old post by@ReaderMeterr, but still relevant if you care…e

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@mahemoff More than once I’ve extracted the underlying SVG w/ the Chrome Developer Tools… :-D

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Merci @PasqLisena for some improvements to my mediafragments.js Media Fragments URI polyfill/parser:…

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The 30 most 1) commented-on, 2) shared, 3) liked, 4) viewed media items from the last 24h. (via )

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WIRED Edward Snowden: The untold story of the most wanted man in the world

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hfmuehleisen updated with July 2014 data. Sad example:|Iraq

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nightrose Making Wikipedia Better by @fabriceflorin:…

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aaranged Why aren’t you more excited about Twitter Analytics? - Asks @ajkohn - sensibly

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@mamund @dret @justincormack IANAL, but I’d say the name change was a legal thing—the core idea was to just remove the ‘.’ from …raw.github…

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@dret @github What you want is Meant for quick testing, not for production use.

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TeXtip “If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife.”

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The universal converter:

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mattcutts I learned several things from @mbutterick’s typography book on the web: Share it with your designer friends. :)

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Googler Matt Welsh on pursuing an industry vs. an academic career (great comments):… (CC: @RubenVerborgh)

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addyosmani GitHub have open-sourced their Web Component extensions to the <time> element:… - used in production today.

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Wikimedia publish the list of affected Wikipedia pages that may no longer be shown in Google SERPs:…

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