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August 26th, 2020

RT @ChromeDevTools: Chrome 85 is here! 🎉

Be sure to update your Chrome and audit your page with the latest Lighthouse (with Core Web Vital…

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🎨 now supports AVIF!

➡️ Next-generation open image format.
➡️ Significantly outperforms JPEG & We…

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RT @justmarkup: The difference between aria-label and aria-labelledby by @LeonieWatson

1. Do you need to use ARIA?
2. If yes, does the te…

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RT @mikolajdobrucki: In new @ChromeDevTools, you can finally disable local fonts loading! 🎉 which basically makes your browser behave like…

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@mahemoff I used Gmail Loader back in the days: It’s deprecated now, but the author left a couple of recommendations for replacements: Maybe helpful, maybe not.

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Wow, the 3d emoji are really cool! 🍔 Fun effect library with accessibility in mind. Love it!

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@canofsleep @sayhello @ChromiumDev The only WebAssembly issue I can find is Not sure to be honest…

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@wunnle @ChromiumDev Oh, I see. I don’t think 85 changes this. It still opens in a regular tab as far as my testing goes.

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Hopefully needless to say: Full credits to @h0wlu.

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For anyone following along, this is now tracked as in the Web Share API repo. As a public trace, I’ve filed @webkit bug, since Apple’s internal Radar—which doubtlessly exists judging from

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@html5test @johnwilander I can on both beta 5 and 6. Try sharing to Messages.

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@html5test @johnwilander Unfortunately it still repros on iOS 14 beta 6.

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RT @igrigorik: Chrome M85 is rolling out to stable, super excited to (finally) see PGO & tab throttling out in the wild! 🎉

Details for the…

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@denladeside Hope things turn out well! 🤗

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@rotexdegba @craigbuckler No, on Android the file:// URL gets shared as a literal string, whereas Safari shares the actual file contents.

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We now have 3 LGTMs for the Native File System API to ship: This is _super_ exciting 😆 and probably the most popular Project Fugu 🐡 API to date. Here’s how you can use it today:

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@DasSurma ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well…

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@kristoferbaxter @RReverser Safari 14 additionally correctly reports image/webp as being supported. ✅

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