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August 27th, 2020

@firt There’s some modest usage: But yes, doing it with TensorFlow.js is in many cases the more reliably available choice across devices.

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RT @mathias: 🔥 Promise.any is now available in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari!

(This includes the AggregateError constructor.)…

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RT @MarcoInEnglish: Nope, alt text is plain text without linkage. And not all platforms allow copying text out of that alt text. Link into…

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@RickByers Congratulations, Rick! 🎈

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RT @LeaVerou: I’m gonna start blanket adding the following rule to all my stylesheets:

:focus:not(:focus-visible) { outline: none }


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@wunnle @ChromiumDev Yesterday we talked about it, today there’s the Intent to Prototype for Progressive Web Apps as URL handlers in my Inbox:

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