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August 14th, 2020

@SaraSoueidan @Malarkey I’ve mixed feelings about this. As long as it’s just your personal components, whatever works. As soon as you aim for broader adoption, though, cultural background matters. Chemical elements ( Maybe. Of

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@rick_viscomi @HTTPArchive I just liked this tweet, which gave it a little hearty icon, but here’s another actual heart ♥️ of appreciation! This is so freakin’ cool!

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@HTTPArchive @rick_viscomi No way! Really? We’re creating an actual book 🔖 from the Almanac contents? Wow, this is going to be the best event (if we ever do them again) swag ever, and a great present for any web developer. 😆

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@iandevlin @yatil If only there were a simple tool where professional web developers could paste their HTML code for a validity check…
And I say “paste” because professional web developers wouldn’t want to ruin their

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RT @keithclarkcouk: @partytimeHXLNT @EdgeDevTools @webhintio That’s handy! I’ve created a devtools web extension to help show those problem…

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RT @yoavweiss: Fast and efficient brotli recompression using previous compression artifacts:

*Amazing* work by @ri…

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RT @HTTPArchive: According to the PWA chapter of the 2019 Web Almanac, @tomayac and @jeffposnick found that 15% of all page loads on the we…

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RT @streamsstandard: Over 5 years since it was first proposed in, transferable stream support has finally landed in…

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