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April 9th, 2021

piccalilli_ 📣 New tutorial: “Build a fancy hover animation”

Learn how to use the power of CSS to take any collection of images and make them blend well together with a fancy interactive state.

It’s a proper fun one!…

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@DuckDuckGo In case anyone is interested in how FLoC block works, here’s @kdzwinel’s commit:….

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@igarshmyb @w3ctag There are plenty of implementations for Node.js and the browser:….

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@_boraturan As a Web developer, I would say: yes, this is a good thing. It’s slightly tongue in cheek of course calling this “Get the Android App”, but I like it.

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Looks like we’re getting closer to being able to obtain UUIDs directly from a Web platform API:

const uuid = crypto.randomUUID();
// “52e6953d-edbe-4953-be2e-65ed3836b2f0”

The @w3ctag review was just kicked off:….

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agektmr Want to build a biometric authentication UX with WebAuthn? Try it here
You can learn how to build it in a codelab…
It’s now a YouTube content (in Japanese, but with English caption)…

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“Get the Android App” button installs the PWA. That’s next level. I love ♥️ it! ⤵️…

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@DotProto Virtual hug 🫂. Wishing you strength!

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@hashseed @TimvdLippe @kennethrohde @TheNix @RasmusHjulskov This reminds me of a recent issue I had: while debugging step-by-step a `showOpenFilePicker()` operation, my user gesture expired (yeah, I’m a slow debugger). Maybe make the grace period…

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@kennethrohde @_zouhir Mini apps ( commonly have a way to detect when the user took a screenshot, e.g., here’s WeChat’s:…. I haven’t looked at the callback parameter, not sure if it allows the mini app

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@simevidas `:parent(levels)` where levels would default to one and let me determine the number of levels I want to go up in the DOM tree.

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