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April 6th, 2021

@hj_chen @hdv Absolutely worth adding I think! This API fixes a big pain point with the old API. Thanks for writing this by the way!

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@davrous @jaroslawjarosik Duh, I stand corrected (sorry for the wrong partial answer). Thanks for chiming in. Clearly explained in

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@zonzuJIro Using the old Edge, yes. The document describes the new integration that builds on the Chromium-based Edge (“Edgium”).

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@jaroslawjarosik Sorry, I don’t. Not an Electron developer myself.

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@hdv @hj_chen These not fun string operations are made obsolete with the Cookie Store API: (polyfill: 🍪

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@jaroslawjarosik You can look at what PWA Builder does for the definitive answer. It’s also about confirming ownership.

I don’t have insights into what’s happening with this patch, sorry.

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@jaroslawjarosik As I wrote, it’s work in progress:

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@jaroslawjarosik It loads everything from the regular servers, the Microsoft Store just contains a “container” and metadata.

Not a Windows user myself, so can’t really speak to it, but there seem to be others who share the concern (and solutions):

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@jaroslawjarosik > delayed updates


> being forced to use OS default webview that has its own consequences like poor text rendering in case of anything chromium based on Windows

True (rest: opinion)

> storage separated between browser and PWA


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@jaroslawjarosik It’s a bit of an inconvenience for developers (improved by PWA Builder), but from a user’s perspective, what gets taken away? They may be not even aware that they are using a Web app, so maybe Web awareness.

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@rob_dodson Also came across this recently but saw that @slightlylate (of course) has already shared it.

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@gokul_i You absolutely don’t need to; the Microsoft Store is just another distribution channel that users might be looking at when discovering apps. One advantage is ratings, so you can see what others think about the experience before you engage.

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Great integration of the Web Share Target API in the WordPress ecosystem: ⤵️

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@rob_dodson CSS Tricks created one recently: 🎧

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@RickByers @shubhie @addyosmani Make it “awesome” in the US, and leave it at “good” for Europe. 😂

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RT @excalidraw: Those of you that dabble in some hardware from time to time will appreciate these new libraries featuring wiring diagrams a…

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Publish your Progressive Web App to the Microsoft Store: “[Your app] uses the Hosted App Model, with Microsoft Edge powering your PWA. In this model, your PWA uses modern web capabilities while functioning as a Windows app”. I ♥️ how MS embraces t

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