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April 7th, 2021

TomerAberbach Another package! `limit-concur`

Limit an async function’s concurrency with ease! Less than 400 bytes!!!…

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Oh, neat, my little app Wikipedia Around 📍( that was built for a PWA programming course with Palestinian developers is featured in Glitch’s blog post. ⤵️…

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🎉 Google has a date: May 18–20, all virtual and all It’s finally official.

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thinktecture See how was made, a web-based -/-clone of Microsoft Paint 🎨
In part 1 of the series, @christianliebel provides a project overview, explains the choice of , and discusses the app architecture.…

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@fcalderan @simevidas Not sure for `foreignObject`, but did some experiments on “regular” animated SVG favicons:….

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paul_irish Curious what CSS/JS/DOM features are now widely available? I made a lil webapp a few years ago based on @caniuse data to help visualize.… There’s some surprisingly ‘new’ features with >90% support.

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@JohnMu I know it as “Gartenzaun” (which is the German equivalent of “Gartenhag”) or “Raute(zeichen)”, but that it’s also called “Doppelkreuz”:…. Interestingly @chrismessina spoke of “pound” sign when he…

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